Poll: How should the Mangler be nerfed?

The Mangler should stay as is. It’s a fun gun to use.


Hopefully 343 agrees with you. I certainly do. Love the Mangler.

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Tiny rate of fire nerf. So small that only the most focused plyers will actually notice a difference. The Mangler is supposed to be a slower, heavy hitting weapon that rewards good aim and careful gameplay in general. Buffs and nerfs should always play along with the strengths and weaknesses of whatever is being altered. In this case, the super competitive people are the only ones bothered, largely because you can simply kill with it too quickly.

Or, the projectile speed could see a small nerf, so you aren’t going to be hitting people with it as often, and it would also reduce its effective range. Most weapons in Infinite have too much effective range anyway, and that’s a much larger problem from which most balance arguments rise.

The vast majority of players don’t mind the mangler, I think it’s really just spoiled twitch streamers mad that there’s the potential for a new strategy to enter the same strategies they’ve been using in ever Halo game. It’s still not that great, I find the vertical heatwave leagues better. Punch + 1 shot, 1 shot + punch, either are incredibly fast and instant kill. I used to pick up the mangler every game, now I don’t look at it, Heatwave is where it’s at.


Love how a vast majority myself included are like “Yeah it doesn’t need nerfed”

Seriously the people saying it needs nerfed just need to get good. It is just halo infinites m90 and they learned to work around that.

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The only nerf it needs is the spawning nerf where it doesn’t spawn as often on maps, or that its lock-boxes are on spawns not too close to initial spawns.

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Turn it to a Tier 2 weapon similar to heatwave/bulldog, and reduce the ammo. I’d recommend 8 bullets total… Yes, 1 clip.

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Yeah, Heatwave is pretty great. And it’s much easier to use against more skilled players in my experience. With the mangler or other precision weapons I can barely hit people that are strafing and crouching back and forth, or jumping all around. I have to time my shots, and the TTK just goes out the window. But the heatwave. Put in on Horizontal and you don’t even have to be accurate to kill quickly. Yeah, it’s slower than verticle, but still pretty darn fast. And you don’t have to be accurate while they do.

The Ravager used to be a fun fun too :disappointed_relieved:

I disagree.

Whenever I super-charge the weapon, it is easily bypassed as an area-denial by use of the Thruster and the Grapple-Shot. Or even just by plain jumping, you can barely touch the burned zone and get your shields only some minor damage. It needs some more damage per second.

I said used to be fun. Remember the tech preview? I member.

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I member too.
Ravager was kinda easy to work around tho.

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Yeah, Heatwave’s pretty nasty. Plus the horizontal fire has less margin of error and (i think) it fire faster. Plus the bankshots or fun.

If they’re jumping, line a shot up with their trajectory then rush them for a melee. If you’re too far to melee them, then you shouldn’t be using the Mangler. Just my two cents.

It shouldn’t be nerfed but should have its spawning balanced.

Or it needs to last longer.

That could help, but I see people jump over or slide-then-jump to avoid the damage pool; only getting hit by a small amount of the damage.

Remember the Firebomb Grenades or Halo 5’s Splinter Grenades? THOSE were great area-denial tools.
The Ravager? If I super-charge a blast and direct hit someone with it, they don’t die like all the other weapons in the franchise that requires a charge up. They just lose a majority of their shields. If anything, the Ravager needs a slight damage output buff, both in the super-charge shot making a direct hit on someone and for the flaming pool it leaves behind to do some more damage-per-second that currently.

Make it an Area-DENIAL and less of an Area-ANNOYANCE.