Poll: How should the Mangler be nerfed?

I feel it’s fine as is… I guess it could be removed from ranked or they should just make a HCS playlist that had nothing but BR, Sidekicks and sniper rifles… Then have a regular style ranked with the regular power weapons.


But we need forge for that :grimacing:


Come May, Certain Affinity will grace us again with their perfection.

Forge will come and our anvils will be at the ready!

Forge is season 3 I’m pretty sure. So more like August or September.

I’ve heard Season 2, hence why they delayed it to give Certain Affinity more time.

Direct nerf, the most I would consider is reserve ammo when you pick it up. But most likely I’d just nerf it’s respawn rate to make it longer.

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Assuming you can’t read.

Ammo/spawning seem to be the big ones.

With stuff like this coming up I have a feeling this game is gonna be at the mercy of HCS like like siege was ruined by esports. I get it generates revenue and everything but everyone sweating trying to get clips and twitch subs is gonna kill this game so quick and push casual players out. Like with jackal in siege he was my main forever once he came out then pro league ruined him by complaining. I get halo has had sweats forever, I remember being an mlg wannabe as a kid with red white and blue colors but it is just annoying how we can’t have one op weapon anymore, like just take everything out and leave the pistol if this is what we’re doing.

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I think the best option would be to encourage pro players to get gud with it and quit complaining. It’s like they’re mad because it allows someone punish them for playing aggressive with a BR.

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i say if any nerf will be done to it is smaller mag and/or increase respawn timer but increasing respawn is a must that thing is in play every sec of the match just like the br

Yeah, I don’t want Infinite to be a repeat Halo 5: Magnums. That game had some crazy potential with the sandbox and all the HCS modes were just a bunch of magnum fight with the occasional “Tactical Magnum” and maybe a plasma pistol. Super dull.

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Yeah, that’s what it seems like based on this poll so far

It should at the most be treated as a tier 2 weapon or have its respawn timer increased, it’s already difficult enough by having a slow fire rate and slow projectile that if you miss with it you’re likely dead. And I think the 1 shot melee helps give it a unique role in the sandbox.

Agreed. The mangler walks a very narrow line between being an alternative Battle Rifle and being useless.

@Windjammer19, I picked ‘Upgrade to Heatwave/Bulldog weapon pad’ because I believe the ‘Mangler’ is on par with the ‘Heatwave/Bulldog’ and is balanced as is. It is a great ‘in your face’ weapon for ‘one shot + melee’ combos and I really enjoy using it, but the spawn rate for it is realistically too short.

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Spawning seems to be the issue based on my personal analysis and the votes so far.

yall. is everyone replying saying the gun is OP or whatever.
wow it shows no replies now? yesterday on mobile this thread said it had like 80 replies???

Either way, I agree that the gun isn’t OP. It’s just really good at its job.

Halo has a weapon sandbox that rewards a COMBINATION of good decisions, be it placement, timing, aiming, movement etc. Halo’s combat combines all of this into the map you play on, and spawn timing for players / weapons / equipment further manipulates these factors. This ensures thaty no matter what your good combination of good choices was, you can still be defeated with some sort of counter, this means that power weapons can and SHOULD EXIST IN EVERY FORM. We don’t need anmother useless covenant weapon, no gun should be looked at as “UGH GROSS” each should excel in its own special way. It is okay to have a broken gun, in this case, the mangeler has no range, therefore ranged fights can take it down. Stop messing with our weapon sandbox, we barely have any weapons to begin with in halo infinite.