Poll: How should the Mangler be nerfed?

Alright, a Mangler nerf may or may not be coming in the near future. The purpose of this poll is to:

  1. Gauge if players want a nerf at all
  2. Measure in what way they want the Mangler to be nerfed/altered

I’ve listed 15 different options for ways 343 could potentially change the gun. These options are only what I was able to come up with in a short amount of time, so if you have an idea and it’s not listed here, vote “Other” and comment what you would like 343 to do.

And, by the Rings, let’s keep it civil. :slight_smile:

  • Nerf damage to 4 headshots | 5 bodyshots
  • Remove headshot multiplier (4 headshots | 4 bodyshots)
  • Nerf combo to melee + 2 bodyshots/1 bodyshot + 2 melees
  • Upgrade to Heatwave/Bulldog weapon pad
  • Give it its own tier 2 weapon pad
  • Keep it tier 1, but increase respawn timer
  • Change spawn location
  • Slow down melee speed
  • Slow down rate of fire
  • Decrease magazine to 6
  • Decrease spawn ammo to 8|16
  • Decrease max ammo capacity to 8|32
  • Nerf it in Ranked only
  • Remove it from Ranked entirely
  • Do nothing. It’s perfect as is
  • Other (Comment your thoughts below)

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Also these choices aren’t mutually exclusive, so if you feel that more than one of these things is necessary, please say what your #1 choice was and what your #2 choice was and so on.

I’ve died to a mangler… Twice in multi?
I rarely see it, think I’d rather run a sidewinder than a mangler tbh

Out of curiosity, did you die to the gun or it’s melee?

Uhhh I remember definitely getting headshot from one, dunno how my shields were looking, but I’ve also been stabbed by it!
I don’t have an issue with it in campaign when it comes to landing shots but in multi it feels alot harder to hit things, prolly cause of it’s short range, atleast for me

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I actually have more problems with it in campaign than multiplayer, specifically with jackals.


The only nerf I would consent to would be to change how fast it respawns. Make it a tier 2 weapon or just increase the timer itself.


Yep yep, IIRC my method for them was to shoot the shield once, they rotate the shield and start shooting over it, then you shoot the arm which makes them move the shield laterally and their heads sideways, then pop-
I’m gonna start playing with it in MP tonight though, try and use it more (close range atleast) and see if it’s as useful as I see people sayin’ it is!
((also I’m on mouse and keyboard, results may vary))

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The Mangler is fine.


I agree. I’m playing devil’s advocate the under assumption that 343 WILL change the Mangler in some way. If they do, I hope it’s in a way that doesn’t hurt its identity.

It is fine as is. Buffing other weapons should be the priority, not nerfing.


Hard agree.

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It’s a tough call. It plays just dandy at my level of play, but I could see there being issues at high levels. I don’t want a nerf to the gun, but would be ok with limiting access to it with respawn time.


Yeah, that’s how I feel. 343 is undervaluing the weapon simply because it looks like a handgun instead of treating it like a shotgun. It’s part of the reason if feel torn about rotating weapon spawns/pads

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If it negatively impacts ranked play, but is otherwise a perfectly balanced weapon overall the solution is to replace it with something else in Ranked modes.

The competitive community has never been afraid to experiment with weapons and features only to remove them later when they find it doesn’t work, as opposed to calling for a nerf. But honestly the Mangler is no more powerful in Ranked than a Plasma Pistol is.



Also we have to consider maps and equipment. I heard people talking about how the grapple makes it to good (effectively extends melee range). And I’m like, “So… don’t put it on the same map as grapples?” Also CQC maps like Recharge might make it too good. A lot of the problem pros are having sound like map/spawning problems and not damage problems.

It’s shouldn’t be. Next

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Part of that is the asymmetric weapon spawns on some maps. Either both sides should have a mangler or both sides should have a plasma pistol. One shouldn’t get one and their enemy the other, it starts the game off imbalanced. And the plasma pistol is a decent gun, I’m not saying it’s not good. But compared to a mangler it’s no contest

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Yes, they need to give equal weapons to both teams.