Poll: How do you want Atriox to die?

  • Chief kills him in honourable combat
  • Chief goes Doom Slayer
  • The Endless
  • Flood Infection
  • His own troops
  • The Arbiter
  • The Warden
  • Atriox kills himself like Saren
  • The Halo Array

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If you knew how you were going to die…

I mean for me it has to be Chief doing what he did to that Elite on the show. I don’t want any nonsense about Atriox being some sweet misunderstood Warmaster.

Although I would be okay if his hubris causes his downfall. Maybe that’s more where his armies going.

I suspect though that 343 are going to go for some sort of honourable duel thing. Like they did with Escharum.


You should probably add an extra voting option called “Killed off camera” since that’s where Infinite’s strongest plot points take place.

Until then, I chose that Atriox kills himself like Saren, because that’s the fate he deserves.


I think an enemy as resilient as Atriox is going to take something as big a Halo going off to finally bring him down, so that’s my vote.

The Covenant couldn’t take him down quietly.

The covenant couldn’t take him out from direct combat.

The flood on the Ark couldn’t take him out.

Cortana couldn’t take him out with her guardians.

Chief and/or the UNSC couldn’t take him out in direct combat.

The dude is going to need a weapon as big and bad as a Halo pulse to finally go down lol


Very Ark of the Covenant.


I want the pilot to fly into him with the pelican


All that for a drop of blood…

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I don’t. I want him to win.


I hope Douglas-042 can take revenge.

i want to gut him with a chainsword and tear out his beating heart then skin him and turn him into a nice coat


Would you like to know more? :smile:

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They fight and, right when Atriox gets weak, the flood burst in, Chief escapes while they target Atriox.

I want arby to beat him up so bad he drowns in his own blood

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Preferably in the $60 base game i paid for but since writing is hard I guess DLC.

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Force him to play Halo Infinite multiplayer until he kills himself. There are no Geneva Conventions in space.

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I want Atriox to slip on a banana peel off a cliff while a cartoon ACME falling sound effect plays

https://you tu.be/LDiGAiq9fMw

I love how spicy this take is

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I voted the Arbiter only because I want to see him again doing awesome stuff.

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I think since he will be a boss fight, I’d want to fight him mano e mano. I don’t want a repeat of the Esharum (and Bassus) boss fight where they just jump at you and you immediately die. I’d want him to be in like an armory when you begin the fight, and he grabs the two weapons you have (AR/BR for example) and fight you like that.

Where’s, “Atriox goes down fighting on his own terms like the bad MF he is?”


considering “Chief goes Doom Slayer” is a top pick. well the bias towards Chief is HEAVY here, despite him getting dragged around like a rag doll in full view.