[POLL] Halo TV Show

So with everyone going wild about Halo Infinite, one thing that’s gone under most fans radar is the Halo TV show. I’ve seen a lot of fans disappointed by the news we’ve already heard about it, and some that still remain optimistic. I, personally, would be more excited if they stuck to established Halo lore more. I also think it would’ve been a better idea to have the show focus on an ODST squad or a squad of Spartan 3s instead of chief himself. But tell me what you think.

What are your thoughts?

  • Yep. I’m still excited.
  • No. Not feeling it.

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I’m excited about anything related to Halo, it has always been my favourite game and likely always will be.

I would prefer a show with Master Chief in it, he is bad -Yoink!-. My only worry is that the show is garbage.

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I am still looking forward to see the Halo TV Series coming out in 2022. I can’t wait to see the official trailer from the Halo TV Series.

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I’m very excite!

I agree with you… But if it’s good enough then I suppose I can ignore the mild divergence from lore.

I have just seen the latest trailer for the upcoming Halo series, need to go change my underwear now, it looks awesome :star_struck:

I couldn’t choose super excited…

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I’ve been very sceptical since they announced the show years ago… But now that we’ve got an actual look at it?

I don’t care if the story turns out to be awful, I’m watching this show for the visuals alone. It looks absolutely stunning!

As a side note, anyone going into the show looking for it to extend on the game canon will be disappointed. Go into to this looking for an adaptation, heavily inspired by the games. From what little we know about the show, it’s already very different from existing canon.

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Not a fan of some of the lore stuff I’ve heard honestly. I’m keeping my expectations low so I will either be pleasantly surprised, or just not disappointed.


I’m with you, the visuals hit all of my scify requirements and if the story is half good, it’s a huge hit for me.