Poll: Get rid of the Sweat Equity/Ranked challenges?

How many people would like to see the Sweat Equity challenge or future ranked ones get removed? If you don’t know, Sweat Equity is a weekly challenge where you have to win two ranked games to complete it and it gives you a seasonal point.

My reasoning for wanting it removed is finding games can take a long time and there’s not a lot of options to choose from. Most of the playlists are ones that the casual community wouldn’t even normally play so they’re basically hurting the people that do play it and just about everyone is obviously sweating. The ranking system is also archaic so you’re going to get uneven skill matching or none at all if you play Invasion for example. Finally, you have to win which can be hard to do especially playing solo.

  • Remove It
  • Keep It

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I never attempt to do this weekly challenge and always just skip out on the point so I vote remove it so it can be replaced by something else.


I say get rid of it. The challenge is utter garbage and considering how fickle matchmaking can be, it’s unfair that this is even a challenge at all. I’ve had times where I lost 8 comp matches in a row because the game keeps pairing me with people who don’t know what they’re doing.


Imagine how barren matchmaking could be if there were no ranked challenge to incentivise people to play. Perhaps the challenge can be tweaked rather than outright removed?

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The problem is that Ranked has too many issues that it just shouldn’t even be a challenge at all. I’d be happy if 343 bumped it down to a blue challenge and added in a different gold challenge.


yeah, i’m not too fond of this challenge but i always do, last thing i do. If it was just to play or get x kills in comp matches i’d be much more willing to do it


I’ve played competitive and it’s a nightmare, playing with teammates who just team kill and stop trying when we’re losing. I just want this challenge to not give a seasonal point or change how it works, maybe just get kills in competitive. If it was just getting kills, it will stop people from AFK and will get people to try and keep playing even if we’re losing


Winning 2 games in ranked can be hard for solo players so i say just remove it


I always knock out the challenge pretty quick in squad slayer, although there have been some rough weeks. It bothers me how this challenge is guaranteed to appear which means it’s staled many months ago. It would be more interesting to see the challenges completely change weekly, instead of reusing most of them.