Poll: Friend Or Foe System, Player Outlines

343i Says during the flight they received positive feedback on the Friend or Foe system (IFF). I’m not sure I trust their feedback so let me know what you think.

Do you like the new Friend or Foe System aka Player Color Outlines
  • Yes
  • No

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Nope! Should be your team outline on, none for enemies. Only problem is 3v3v3 but they won’t add that until 2027 so we’ll figure that out then :roll_eyes:


I’m not a fan of this new feature. I think it would be better as a type of equipment that highlights enemies like the threat sensor, but maybe more wide spread kinda like a UAV in COD. I don’t think players should be highlighted by default or all the time.

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I love how the by far number one complaint on this forum and everywhere is customisation and at time of writing this poll is favouring the friend or foe system.

So you want to be able to customise but then be covered in blinding coloured light every time someone looks at you and that colour be chosen by everyone except yourself?

No wonder 343 are confused.


We had that in halo 4… promethean vision…


Excellent point. I think the point of the highlight was to allow people to see each others armor and still know who your enemies are, but you’re right in reality you can’t really see what they look like anyway. Plus most people aren’t buying skins and armor yet so most people look the same anyway.

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You’re correct, maybe we just needed an updated version of it that last longer, but also revealed the enemy locations to teammates as well. I mean why couldn’t that have been a type of equipment, they removed boost that was on in halo 5 and made it equipment, same concept as the highlight system.

Well it was essentially a wall hack and we kinda do have it in the form of the threat sensor, which i think also reveals for allies, i haven’t used it much though so…

Not gonna lie I noticed peoples armor way more in the older games when there was no outline. It’s difficult -especially in battle - to make out armor when there’s an aggressive colored outline over the enemy player (even more so when they’re shields are taking damage), and you could forget about seeing a coating lol, may as well be a more intense forced color. Overall tho a good amount of people actually do like it so as long as there could be an option to disable it for FFA/customs/ ui settings there would be no issue. Interested to see how they go about this too because the shield visual seems to be directly tied to it.


No. Outlines need to go. It makes spotting enemies WAY too easy.

They just need to adopt the same system Battlefield uses. Friendlies always have an icon above their head and enemies don’t have anything until you look directly at them.


My recommendation would be:

Keep friendly teammates outline the same as now

Turn off all enemy outlines

Make enemy shield breaking animations MUCH more subtle and colour NOT chosen by you

Enemy colour that is chosen by you, only for enemy flag, enemy stronghold, reticle, scoreboard etc.

Overshield, keep white to avoid clashing with team colour but tone down massively

Damage boost if this is a thing/returns, some other colour neutral effect. Maybe white but spiral pattern or something.


I don’t like it, it takes away from the beautiful aesthetic of the game. Ironically, the whole reason 343 did this was to sell more cosmetics by letting you see other people’s customization (instead of just smeared in a coat of red or blue) but with this ugly and bad-for-gameplay outline it’s all I actually see. I don’t notice what my opponents or teammates are wearing, I only see a red outline.

I propose enemy outlines be removed from the game entirely (do not make it optional, because it DOES have an effect on gameplay)
And then I propose friendly outlines be made optional, and make the name above their head a little larger and easier to read.


Yes and no, but leaning to no. I like that we’re changing it up from Red vs Blue but I’m not a fan of the outline. I feel the nametags above the head was enough. My teammates have clan tag but enemies don’t didn’t seem so complicated to me.

I don’t mind it. This isn’t Battlefield where you hide in a bush for 3 hours before one person walks by to ambush.

It’s also not Chernobyl, where people glow like radioactive Christmas trees

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I completely agree that it takes away from the game’s aesthetic. Realistically though, I hope they don’t fix this right now. The reason is, We are right that armor customizations are way more noticeable without the outline even with forced RvB colors. If they fixed this now, imagine how much worse all the other problems and complaints around the store, bp, and customization would be. In an ironic sort of way, at least now even through all the issues people have, overall, people don’t really even notice the armor customizations you put on your spartan in a match anyway. Fixing this issue right now would only magnify all the other ones. I don’t want to be more annoyed/disappointed than I already am with those problems lol.

Games last 12 mins or less.
Players camp regardless of Red vs Blue or outline system.

Has to be fixed at some point, and so does everything else. So what if it makes the rest somehow more apparent? (which I don’t see as being true or relevant). If anything, that would do us more good because we’d get MORE fixed.


I hate it. I can barely see who is who half the time. It should be painfully obvious who your team mates are but because players use their own personal colours in team games, I really struggle visually.

One of the worse decisions they’ve made in Infinite in my opinion.


I prefer classic red v blue. Also it was very obvious when shields were cracked in old halo and it didn’t need to be such an intense color.

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