Poll For Social Slayer Weapon Starts

In social slayer currently it’s a coin toss between AR starts and BR starts. I and some others have been making forums on this and I’m curious to see the polls on your guy’s opinions.

RNG for those of you don’t know means it’s a chance to get either one.

  • AR starts only
  • BR starts only
  • AR and BR starts RNG
  • Two playlists, one for AR starts, other for BR starts

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Can we do a play list for each weapon starts instead?

CQS48 Bulldog
Energy Sword
Gravity Hammer
Mk50 Sidekick
Plasma Carbine
Plasma Pistol
S7 Sniper
Shock Rifle
Stalker Rifle
VK78 Commando

This way everyone gets what they want right? Add more if more weapons get added later on too.

Nope, go make your own friend, this is made by someone that’s been a halo fan since CE came out so I have standards c:.

That came off meaner than I meant it too lol, sorry it’s too much work lmao.

Why not though? Doesn’t harm anyone if they gave people options on how they would enjoy playing.

It’s difficult to take an existing game mode, copy and past a new version of it where all your changing is what weapon you start out with? Seems rather simple to me…

It would be nice true, but that’s a lot of playlists lol. Some of them would be ghost towns. Even if in BRs only they had an AR pickup I’d be happy but they don’t.

I think AR/BR rng would be the best option for me personally but I would assume most people would prefer two playlists.

They would, but I respect your opinion.

I find it REALLY funny that so many people complain about how “sweaty” social gets, and I see those same people asking for BR starts in social. If you thought it was sweaty before, you’re going to be in for a real treat.

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That’s true lol, I honestly just don’t even have the will to play BR starts anymore. Maybe back in my hay day… but I just want to unwind and play some casual slayer personally.

But I don’t get people choosing AR starts only. How does having a BR and AR playlist hurt your gameplay. I feel the same way about those choosing BR starts only (if anyone did). There’s a way we can all get what we want, why not all of us put our differences aside and make our voices heard?

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Poll results thus far:
*5/10 people in favor of optional BR or AR playlists.
*3/10 for AR only
*2/10 for the current RNG way
*0/10 for BR starts only

Personally, I think the option to choose from either or is best, so I agree with the 50% of voters so far.

Looks like the AR and BR starts RNG is neck and neck with the ability to choose between the two. Can someone enlighten me as to why you feel the RNG one is better than allowing players to choose their playlists? Idk, it’s like taking someone hostage IMO lol.