Poll: Do you want the DMR back in Halo?

Oh yeah, all the latest games are just adding weapons left and right or “vaulting” them, to feign complexity.

I’m sure it’s just a copy paste job from Halo: Reach. Halo has tonnes of games to harvest assets from, which means porting stuff should be less complex than starting from scratch.

All good points though! It’s been a year and I am still playing Halo Infinite… that’s not a bad feat!

oh dear

you’re right


Dont really care either way tbh.

Id prefer a PR, BS, FRC, splinter turret, scatter shot, CE shotty, GL, sticky det or blood of suban tbh.

Bandit looks cool I guess.
Bucks H5G magnum vibes

I like guns.

Pew pew


you just described the light rifle from halo 5

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343i has been renaming stuff in Infinite. Example: the original Scout helmet that they brought back in 4 and 5 is now renamed Celox. It is the Scout helmet. The Bandit rifle is the DMR. It’s design is identical minus the scope. And yes it appears to work differently than the past DMR, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the same gun. The Light rifle changed from 4 to 5 along with every single promethean weapon. They all were called the same thing even though they all fired differently than their introduction.


I liked the DMR, my only problem is if it were to magically appear now or in the near future is how redundant it would feel, especially with the Bandit. You have the BR, Commando, the upcoming Bandit, the Stalker, the Shock Rifle(?), and with the AR and Sidekick not being completely useless at range, I’d rather have more unique weapons instead of another rifle.

I wouldn’t mind seeing it again, but would prefer the weapon pool to be expanded a bit more with other types before then.


The Bandit rifle is the DMR. It’s just not firing exactly the same as in previous titles.

I’m not talking about slightly different firing mechanics. I’m talking about completely different roles/uses. They didn’t take the light rifle from H4 and make it a mid/close range weapon in H5.

Go ahead and keep calling it a DMR if you like, I just think it propagates misunderstanding and sets people up for a certain expectation that will end with them being disappointed.

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If you’d asked me a year ago, I would have said for sure. Now I’m not so sure. I like it and I’d use it but I don’t know that I need it back.

I get your suggestion, but canonically speaking, how does that work? A bullet is a bullet right?

That’s 343i’s fault for changing the gun so drastically.

Take some responsibility.

It’s a different gun, that’s the whole point, that’s why 343 is not calling it the DMR.