Poll: Do you want the DMR back in Halo?

Personally, I loved the DMR in Halo Reach, one of the best weapons in Reach, and the needler rifle since it was basically a stronger version of the needler without the projectile tracking and decent zoom on it.

Before you say it, I know the “Commando Rifle” is in the game and is like the DMR but it’s rubbish in multiplayer, good in the campaign but rubbish in multiplayer, and doesn’t even have the same feel as the DMR from Reach. Plus since we are talking about the Commando Rifle, it’s recoil needs a big nerf, if you don’t aim adjust you just kick into the sky like the MSG from halo 2.

  • Yes I want the DMR!
  • No, DMR is trash!

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Are you aware we are getting the DMR? We don’t have an exact date, but it is currently in the files. It’s now called the Bandit rifle… for some reason.


It never did much for me. And I don’t think it’s ever had a solid place in the sandbox without stepping on pre established weapons toes.
But I wouldn’t wanna call it trash, and I can accept it being there.

Adding this to the game, but basically have it function like the commando with the following fix: hipfire is a lower damage; zoomed in/sniped fire does higher damage, could be a solution to the current issues with the commando.


The Commando is nothing like the DMR, dunno’ why folks keep claiming such. Much closer to a weapon like Uriel’s Gift from Destiny Year 1.

However, we ARE getting the Bandit Rifle which isn’t QUITE the DMR. Sure, it’s an M392, but it has a faster RoF and lacks a scope - so it’s more of a funny CQC precision weapon. But it is VERY cool and I hope it becomes the BTB default spawn.

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I always hated the DMR but bringing new weapons into the Infinite sandbox is fine with me as long as it’s balanced appropriately

Looks like a reskinned Commando XD

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Okay, legitimately how? Because it lacks a scope? It’s an entirely different model, sound, does different damage, has a different rate of fire…

Bandit: https: //preview.redd.it/zu6l59xfbwb91.png?width=640&crop=smart&auto=webp&s=9f1c8f1f6ef933950749e2805370a18d24daf218

Commando: https: //halo.wiki.gallery/images/thumb/b/b8/HINF_VK78Commando_Crop.png/1200px-HINF_VK78Commando_Crop.png

(Remove the spaces in the links)

The genuine only similarity is that they are guns that fire bullets. (Not even the same caliber.)

Hel, the Commando has a short range optic and the Bandit doesn’t.

What’s the similarity?

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Don’t get me wrong, the model is cool, it’s just the tweaks they need to make to the commando made to a different weapon.

It’ll probably make LSS more balanced or something, but it’s adding a whole new gun instead of just turning the commando into a 4 body shot 1 head shot weapon in my opinion…

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You want a 20-round weapon to be a 5sk? You shouldn’t be able to get more than 3 perfects out of any magazine IMO.

These are two very different weapons.

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I play with controller, so it’s going to be half the magazine before someone goes down, if they go down, with the commando.

The likelyhood of you hitting 4 body shots and then a 5th head shot is pretty slim… and doing that 4 times with one clip should be it’s own achievement medal.

wait what

are you serious about this post

Look The Commando is not a good gun but it’s not as hard as you make it out to be. Look, this isn’t my best recording or record period but like maybe it’ll help??

https: //youtu. be/oJ0FPVSUcng

Like I’m not terribly proud of this one but, it’s a Commando. I wouldn’t pick it up to use it unless there was no BR or AR around.

EDIT: I need you to understand something, being on controller is NOT a drawback. It is literally superior to KB/M in this game. I play on Controller.

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I wish people would stop saying the Bandit Rifle is just the DMR. It’s not (Hint: that’s why it’s not called the DMR). It is designed to play a different role. If you are expecting it to be like the good ol’ DMR then prepare to be disappointed (regardless, we should all be prepared for disappointment).

That’s an awesome video!
Very skilled with the commando!

But you are still using around 9 to 10 bullets to drop someone on average, which kinda negates the point you made about a rapid firing gun with a large mag. DMR without scope could easily be Commando 2.0 with a reskin.

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Probably because of the different REQ variants in H5. H5 basically established that a DMR is still a DMR whether it has a sniper scope or a reflex sight.

Thank you, for one. For two… If you could drop someone with 4-5 shots with that rate of fire it’d be INSANELY broken.

Ah! But! This is the shorest range one yet, with the second highest bloom (barely existed for the DMR in 5), AND it gets a double RoF. Very different role.

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I’m pretty sure the commando is slower than 1.05 seconds for a kill, despite everything you are claiming in every point you have brought up for it.

We all know it is a reskinned commando with the fixes put in place that would make the commando worth using, but more options is always better than less options, maybe the commando will be “fixed” by having the scoped damage output be higher?

Who knows!

Can’t be bothered one way or the other. Don’t hate the DMR nor do I love it.

That being said, neither a traditional DMR nor the “Bandit Rifle” offer anything new to the Infinite sandbox its a genuinely baffling choice who’s already limited potential is already going to be hampered by 343’s equally baffling insistence on bring back Reach levels or reticle bloom. Especially given how long its taken for any new weapon to come out.

Just why?

It’s two seasons in. Adding new weapons this early is pretty ballsy, seeing as when you add a weapon it causes all kinds of other issues. I liked Reach (and it’s the only other Halo game I have played) so I find the additions pretty cool, but having the commando being more of a support weapon and adding a more powerful version of that support weapon is really obvious, but still more options are always better than less options…

I laughed when I read this, because we are just a few weeks away from the one year anniversary. The new gun comes with season 3, which will be 15 months after release (subject to change). I would not consider this early, not even close.

I cried when I read this because it’s true, and considering how 343 has been thus far with balancing patches, if the bandit breaks anything, it will stay that way for a long while.