POLL: Do you prefer Forerunners as Human or a separate species

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I like both concepts. Big fan of the Forerunner trilogy, but also curious what we could have gotten if they’d chosen the other route.
Voting separate species though as it’s just the more explored option that has lots of good stories tied to it.


Personally, I vote separate species.

Humans being the ancient progenitor species has been done way too much in sci-fi, to the point that it is generic and a bit of a cliche now. plus I feel that humans being forerunner sort of undermines the impact of the forerunners sacrificing themselves to stop the flood.


Halo contact harvest amd halo 3 outright told us we were the forerunners.
Always made the o conner retcons feel out of place.

Loved greg bears writing but still think the direction was deeply damaging to the franchise.

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I still feel like the Forerunner Saga intentionally kept us extremely related to one another. We were a ‘sibling’ species.

I feel like the in-game portrayal of this though was handeled excessively poorly. While Greg Bear like emphasing how similar and related we were, h4/5 focused on the divisions.

The halo 3 terminals were also part of halo 3 day one. There was some official separation of the 2 groups, though what is imprecise.

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true but it was what like 3 terminals? vs every other official piece of information at that time?

I was ok with the 2 species take, but I feel it was executed abysmally across the board.

like either we were forerunners or their successors’ this we were space traveling warriors turned apes turned apes again stuff for me completely screwed the allure of it all.

and those terminals if i recall suggested many librarians not one super woman who decided the course of the universe?
the lovers were a nice aside, but never main plot worthy imo, at least not as central pillars reality would rotate around.

At the time of halo 3’s launch, the only thing the terminals contradicted was the mad ramblings of 343 guilty spark.

I’m pretty sure thr beastiarium that came with h3 also kept forerunners and humans seperate.

Yes there was the cut ending to halo 2. But cut content is not canon.

Now contact harvest did come out later and was perhaps the strongest line of human = forerunner support.

I dont recall there being a implication of there being more than one librarian, though i do agree she had a smaller role than what the novels suggested.

You could go with that I guess.

The momument to all our sins enemy to our parents aside.

Terminal 2 or 3 suggests Librarians are a rate or group like builders.
Least thats been my understanding since 07.

And if the terminals are to gold standard of record keeping its strange that the forerunner saga doesnt really fit the timeline it established.

All in all bear is talanted but I feel that the direction in the period was utterly incoherent haha.

And i enjoyed the trilogy as a space opera fantasy and many of the ideas and characters it just failed, as I feel is a common trait in halo to be consistent or support established continuity but did so on a scale far greater than prior works.

I think the forerunner should have be human, it would have be well more simple and coherent. In the actual story, the fight beetween the 2 species is weird, we are their henchmen but most of them hate us …
And I never liked the Precursor story, they explain who the ancient forerunner was and then they need a new mysterious ancient forces lol



I think it makes the Forerunner sacrifice more poetic and heroic that they didn’t just set themselves up to reconquer the Galaxy. It’s a bit like the Elves in Lord of the Rings knowing that they have to pass the torch on the Men instead.

If it’s just people that’s basically just a mystery box from some throwaway lines Spark says and which you then get confirmed. It doesn’t add anything.

Plus a different species means you can have conflicts that wouldn’t exist if humanity simply screwed up their own plot to take the galaxy back over. So it’s a change that creates story whereas then being humans just simplifies the plot and is a dead end.

If Humans were the precursors to the Forrunners this might hold some weight, but at the moment they are a completely different species where Humans are a post Forrunner species.


In case you were wondering how to order things biologically.

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Except the Didacte who wake up in Halo 4, the human-forerunner conflicts never happened again in the present. The Didact hate humanity, the Librarian love them, and the rest of the forerunner, I don’t really know, I don’t remember if the librarian took alone the decision to give the “mantle” to the humanity or if other forerunner were agreed ?

Also, I’m actually writting a fanfiction on the forerunner being human and I find some reason to made conflicts between them: When the survivor forerunner wake up after all this time, they try to rule the new humanity. At first, they try with the ONI to eradicate the elit whereas the UNSC want the peace. At the end, the didacte became crazy and want to turn the humanity in promethean.