(POLL) Do the Banished need another precision weapon?

The Banished currently have no “Tier 1” precision weapons, while the UNSC have the BR and the Commando. Conversely, the UNSC have no “Tier 2” precision weapons while the Banished have the Stalker Rifle and the Shock Rifle.

I’ve seen lots of feedback on here requesting the Commando return to it’s 7 Head / 10 Body shot count for kills. I feel the Commando is very well balanced for what it is right now, a Tier 1 UNSC rifle. It has more ammo and less bloom than the Sidekick, more range than the AR, and a faster TTK than the BR. If it were to return to its former damage ability it would have all of that but it would be better than all 3 of those Tier 1 UNSC weapons. Here’s my thought: I think that the above change would be great as long as we just accept the Commando as a better weapon than the AR, BR, and the SK and make it a Tier 2 weapon instead, possibly a counterpart to the Stalker Rifle (bump the Shock Rifle to a Tier 3 Power Weapon with the S7 Sniper, bring back the Spartan Laser to be a counterpart with the Skewer). This would open up a spot in the Sandbox for a Tier 1 Banished weapon to be added.

So let’s vote and discuss:

Should the Commando be Tier 2?
  • No, leave it alone.
  • No, buff it and leave it Tier 1.
  • Yes, buff it and make it Tier 2.

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Now regardless of what you think of the Commando, what do you think of a Tier 1 Banished weapon being added (if you had to choose just one)?

What Banished weapon do you want in Halo Infinite?
  • Light Rifle
  • Needle Rifle
  • T-57 Carbine
  • Other (Explain)
  • None

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*Light Rifle included because the Banished also use Hardlight weapons. Pulse Carbine could be renamed to Pulse Rifle if it makes it less weird to add the Carbine.

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If they ever add or bring back the Covenant Carbine to Halo in general, I hope it sounds like the one in Halo 2 (Classic). Unique. Original. Substantial. Musical. NEVER obnoxious. It had a certain character to it that really made it its own thing, that was sort of lost in all of the later games. A lot like the E-11 firing sound in Star Wars, it really shouldn’t be shaken up. It should be familiar and welcoming. Well, as welcoming as a gun can be.

My very unprofessional opinion:
Like described in the March 2021 inside Infinite, the attack should be sharp to match the rest of the soundscape, just make the decay a bit longer than most other weapons in the game. Just enough to retain that classic character, while still feeling shiny and new. Or maybe that would suck, this is just a rough guess.

Another thing about the sound of the classic Carbine, is the sparkle component of the firing sound that sounds like a tambourine mixed with high-velocity gas escaping the barrel. The 343 games that feature the Carbine did away with the tambourine sparkle. The weapon felt more musical and alive before, whereas 343’s past games stripped it of this subtle charm. It’s a little on the subtle side, but you really miss it once you notice it.


I know it’s a Covenant weapon but I would love to see the return of the plasma grenade launcher from Reach. I loved that thing.

The second version of the Stalker Rifle is basically the Carbine.

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Yes and I feel the Stalker Rifle Ultra is a total missed opportunity by 343. The Carbine is a Kinetic based weapon (it reloads), while the Particle Beam Rifle is a Plasma based weapon (it overheats, like the Stalker Rifle). The Stalker Rifle variant should have been the Beam Rifle, not the Carbine IMO.

Imagine the fun little nod they could have made to Halo 2’s Jackal Snipers by making a High Value Target a Jackal with a Beam Rifle. Additionally, I feel like the weapon variants are supposed to be stronger, and the Beam Rifle is stronger than the Stalker Rifle while the Carbine is arguably weaker. Like I said, missed opportunity IMO.

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@FREMENLAW Banished / Covenant same thing here IMO.

I feel like the Fuel Rod Gun and the Plasma Launcher could both return in an expanded sandbox, maybe one would be a variant to the other.

So something that is perplexing to me is that someone would want the Commando to stay exactly like it is while also wanting the Carbine to be added.

The reason the Carbine was left out IMO was literally because of the Commando, they fill the exact same role in the Sandbox so the Carbine was deemed redundant…

IMO adding the Carbine (an 8 shot kill, 20 round capacity precision rifle) when we already have the Commando (an 8 shot kill, 20 round capacity precision rifle) brings very little, if anything, to the existing sandbox.

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I would love nothing more than to see the commando return to its flight glory


Other for me. We could use a Banished take on a precision weapon. Could even be a modified Covenant Carbine that fires slower but has really powerful shots. Shoots large metal stakes out, plus has a blade welded to it.

Call it the “Impaler”

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I like this (a lot) even down to the name, the Impaler. If it was a slower firing Carbine, what would differentiate it gameplay wise from the Stalker Rifle, or even the Mangler (which is already a slower firing weapon that shoots spikes)?

Wouldn’t that just be the Stalker Rifle with a different skin?

Stalker Rifle has projectile lag. I’m talking about a Carbine/Needle rifle replacement.

Needle Rifle fires slower than Cove Carbine anyway.

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Traditionally all spike based weapons also have projectile lag, so I’m not really sure it would be that different.

This is just a thought but what if the Impaler was more like the Spiker instead, firing automatic spikes instead of precision ones? It could have the slow effect on enemies like the Classic Plasma Rifle from Halo CE.

Basically a harder hitting AR with a slower fire rate (like the Commando) but not exactly a precision weapon.

I think we’re doing fine as far as precision weapons go. I personally want to see the return of:

  • The SAW
  • The UNSC Grenade Launcher from Halo: Reach
  • The OG Shotgun
  • The Sticky Det
  • Gauss Warthog

If these take on a Banished skin I’m all for it.

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And the regular version of the stalker rifle is literally just the Light Rifle from H5 with an extra zoom level.

I find it funny how often people are like “we need this gun back!”

And I’m like “but this gun is functionally the same…” looking at you Binary Rifle->Shock Rifle :grin:. (There are other examples too)

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Full transparency I’m looking at an expanded weapons sandback, I agree with all of the above suggestions returning (at least in some form).

In this expanded sandbox I want at least one more precision weapon which is what I’m looking for here, can we come up with another unique precision weapon or has everything already been covered?

There doesn’t need to be 1-to-1 parrity of weapon roles between factions. What matters is the overall sandbox.

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Correct, but when all of the UNSC weapons are Kinetic based you run out of ways to make each weapon unique… they all have that similar familiarity. In the case of the Commando, it hits hard and has bloom like the Sidekick (but the Sidekick hits harder), it’s fire mode is automatic like the AR (but the AR shoots faster and has more ammo capacity), and it is a ranged precision weapon like the BR (but the BR has no bloom so it is more precise). I guess I feel all of this adds up to the Commando being not really unique… it’s essentially a mix of the AR, the Sidekick, and the BR but beats none of these weapons in their roles. So when you are considering swapping out an AR or a Sidekick for the Commando, the only real motivation for doing so is range, however if that’s the case you’re probably just wishing you had a BR instead.

Rather than the Commando being a mix of the AR, BR, and SK but limiting its effectiveness in order to keep it a Tier 1 weapon… I think the Commando would be more interesting if it returned to its flight glory and was changed to a Tier 2 weapon. This would then make the Commando a meaningful mix of the above three weapons IMO.

Now if this happened to the Commando you could replace it with another Tier 1 precision weapon. Now naturally, would you rather have a semi-auto kinetic UNSC weapon like the DMR, or a semi-auto kinetic Covenant weapon like the T-57 Carbine? Personally, just being a totally different faction, a totally different looking and sounding weapon, makes the Carbine the more unique choice for me.

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