Poll: Did you switch to PC for Halo once you heard it was going to PC?

I voted no, but only because I can’t afford to construct a machine that can actually run Halo Infinite. I mean seriously, this game is the software version of a gas-guzzling twelve seater when it comes to VRAM.

That, and I had already bought a Series X earlier last year.

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I’ve got a PC, an Xbox Series X, and an Xbox One X. There are uses for the consoles - for example, it’s much easier for kids to play a split screen or local co-op game, and consoles are much easier for them to use, and they’re often better at being home theater machines than a gaming PC.

And, to be honest, it’s entirely possible that the crypto market and economic disruptions caused by COVID have permanently ruined the PC graphics card market. I think there’s some chance that GPU space has been permanently changed to $500 entry level, $1000 midrange, $1500+ high end. If that’s the case, sign me up for console gaming in the future. Even if you have to pay a scalper tax on a console, it’s still radically more expensive to build an equivalent gaming PC right now.

Tried PC for a short stint during the early Xbox one era. Hated it. Not going back. Too much work, not enough play. Consoles are less of a fuss.

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Personally while I recognize that I could get more bang for my buck with a PC, it didn’t make sense to invest in that when the xbox is so plug and play.

That said, I’m returning my xbox series x because it bricked after a month, getting a refund so who knows what the future may bring.

No. If Halo was the only thing keeping me on console, I would’ve made the switch without them being on PC.

My vote is a no! as I was already on PC
Been playing on PC for seven years & have a pretty beast rig.
ROG strix x570e
5950x cooled by H150i elite cappellix aio
32gb dominator plat ddr4
2tb mp600
2x 2tb samsung 870 evo

Have nothing against consoles or console players, gaming is a thing everyone should enjoy regardless of platform.
I used to play consoles but fifteen years of using controllers gave me bad thumbs (Arthritis, tendonitis & carpal tunnel)
If I even try using a rolla now within ten minutes I get severe pins & needles in my hands & fore arms.

So was pretty stoked for infinite coming to PC as in my console days played H2/H3 for about five years.
The lack of support or very slow support that 343 is showing currently is meh! & i’m no longer stoked!
343 haven’t even acknowledged the crashing, then there is lack of optimisation, no anti cheat, no in game report, broken BTB, cash grab shop oh and the obvious input bias.

I got the LCD upgrade on mine, love it.

Might do to add a poll for first time halo players on PC

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I have been thinking about upgrading that :heart_eyes:
Really want to water cool the gpu too but the evga hybrid coolers are hard to get atm & my brain is still in winter lazy mode to even be bothered doing a custom block & loop for it, also it heats my room atm lol
once the warmer months come, the whole two of them in Scotland I might go for it :smile:

too much work? lol what?

I move between both pc and xbox. Pc for strategy games and the occasional shooter with friends that do not have xbox anymore, and xbox for whatever I feel like playing.

Pretty glad to have both systems since I don’t have a graphics card since August 2020…

PCs are more work than a console. Pretty hard to argue anything else. Consoles are plug-n-play. Even pre-built PCs are more work.

They aren’t a lot of work if you know what you are doing, but they’re unquestionably more work.

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I got an Asus 3080 OC Stix and seems to run pretty cool on air. Even running synthetic benchmarks it stays around 70c, and that’s with the GPU pulling up to 440 watts. Still can’t be it pulls that much. I would like to get into custom loops, but I would need to get a bigger case. Currently using a Corsair 4000D AF. I’m on the fence between slapping in a 5800X3D when that comes out, or waiting for Ryzen 6000.

What CPU are you currently using? I don’t think the jump from 5000 to 6000 still be as big as the jump from 3000 to 5000, but it will most likely be worth waiting for. Halo in particular is more reliant on the GPU anyway which you already have covered.

5800X. I think 5000 to 6000 will be a pretty big jump, especially with the jump to DDR5. On average, the 5800X3D is 15% better than the 5900X. We’ll see, though.

You’re right about DDR5, but knowing you have a 5800x, I would definitely say wait for 6000. I’m on a 3900x myself and still waiting for 6000 as I see zero performance problems with my 3900x.

Alder Lake CPUs showed that a good, low latency DDR4 kit is close enough to current DDR5 performance in games. IMO, wait another couple years. 7000 series Ryzen or 14th gen Intel are probably going to be where we first start seeing DDR5 be worth it, IMO.

Yeah, I’m on the fence. I’ll most likely wait for 6000 and get top end mother board.

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Yeah, I’ve seen all the test but man is that Alder Lake power hungry. I’d have to get a bigger PSU.

Intel’s stuff is always power hungry. I’ve just always budgeted for an overkill PSU due to it, all the way back to the Q6600 days.