Poll: Did you switch to PC for Halo once you heard it was going to PC?

  • Yes
  • No

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I wonder this because I was prepared to buy the series x and Halo infinite but then saw it was on PC. Since I already had a gaming PC I figured I’d stay on PC for Halo. I always had an Xbox for Halo up until now


Been on PC since 2014, I have no intention of going back to console.


Ironically I played games on pc from like 1999 to 2015, and I too have no intention of going back to PC.

97-08 was mainly PC, 08-13 was mostly console.

I have nothing against consoles especially with the line between them and PC fading with each passing decade. I just don’t see the point in owning one alongside the other, would you agree?


Unless you’re talking the switch :eyes:

Considering Nintendo seems to have zero plans to port their sought after titles to PC or any other system, the Switch remains a must have, but a proprietarily gimmicky one at that.

We accept this, and cherish it.

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Well i have always been on pc. Waited almost 10 years for other halo games on pc

I’ve been a PC player since the days of Doom, Wolf 3d and Quake so I generally just prefer playing over PC then console.

I’ve kind of dropped off Console gaming since the 360/PS3/Wii era though, outside of Nintendo that is. Used to pick up all three console as I liked games from all of them. I think I dropped off because on the PS3 I just used it for bluray movies and I had 6+ red ring of deaths on the 360 era.

Doesn’t help either with how difficult it became to secure a PS5 or XBox Series X too lol.

Luckily I decided to invest into a strong PC build around the time Doom Eternal was released…

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Halo was the only reason I bought an Xbox One. Most of my friends were on PC before crossplay was a thing and I was sick of paying for Xbox Live. Finally MCC PC was announced and I started building a new PC in 2019. I built it so it could last a while.
The only thing I’ve upgraded is the RAM. My current build is a Ryzen 5 3600x, RTX 2070 Super, 32GB of 3600mhz ram. I hope to one day add a game-dedicated NVMe drive, but I’m fine with my 4tb HDD for now and my NVMe boot drive.
Glad I built it when I did because PC parts are hard to find right now. I haven’t tried the campaign (waiting to play it with my GF. She managed to get a Halo Series X), but my rig runs multiplayer at max settings quite fine.

I prefer the Switch over a steamdeck not just for the exclusive games, but the form-factor and versatility. Physical cartridges save storage space, I just throw the case in my backpack I take to campus and I’m good to go. The Switch spoiled me on Gyro aiming. I genuinely think it helps bridge the gap between M+K and Controller. Though the performance is lacking. I had to fix my joycons too, but I’m fine with that.
A steamdeck might have better performance, but it is bulkier, and the lack of physical games means data storage will always be an issue. And its more expensive so I’m more scared to break it than a switch.

Yeah, I’ve been on PC since 2016 and won’t go back to console now. The QOL benefits are just too good, and as poorly optimized as some PC games still are, they’re almost all lightyears ahead of the shoddy console ports that plagued the 360 generation of games.

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Probably always gonna stick with Xbox but I get you. You could always just buy an xbox controler if you want the classic feeling.

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I play Halo Infinite on my PC because I wanted to experience the best settings the game had to offer for campaign. Sadly I don’t have a Series X just yet, so I make due.

Gaming-wise I went mostly to console with the Xbox One. Still had a gaming PC though (980 Ti when it was new, Occulus Rift, GSync Screen, etc.). However I noticed that I rarely booted it up. There are only specific games I prefer on PC (RTSs - though those have basically died out or stuff like Elite Dangerous).

So when the PC started to get a bit old I just decided against upgrading (it’s still doing well enough for the odd things I do want to do on PC - most non-gaming related) and got an XSX when it launched. And for most of my computing needs I use my notebook (always had the split between a beefy desktop for gaming and a light device for the majority of my PC related tasks).

Stayed console, it’s just easier and cheaper personally. I get there are advantages for having a good pc but that’s alot of extra money.

Besides I like to avoid cheaters in non crossplay games, even in coop games they get ruined sadly.

But mainly price and ease

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Why wouldn’t you go back to PC?

There is literally zero reason whatsoever to own an Xbox if you own a PC, I agree.

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There’s a Switch emulator to get around this issue. Most Switch games run pretty dang well on PC to boot :grin:

I wouldn’t say there’s not a point in owning both. If there are exclusives you enjoy, then that’s reason enough. I bought a PS5 for that very reason… to play like 2 games.

I’m an Xbox fan but I choose to play Halo and and other crossplay games on PC with KBM. Mainly because I have a pretty good PC with a 3080, most games including Halo support super ultra wide and I can usually run games maxed out with no issues, not the case with Halo though.

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