Poll - Acceptance of Halo 4-5's Art Direction

In 2012, 343 Industries released their first entry in the Halo franchise. This entry, Halo 4, featured a controversial reboot of Halo’s art direction. Among the various reasons for the controversy were how unceremoniousiusly it was handled, the plot holes it created, and its dubious in-universe explanation.

Had those issues not been present, would you have been more willing to accept the new take on Halo’s visuals?

  • Yes
  • No

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Its not that it doesn’t look good. I started in CE and just enjoy that art style the most so I am very happy that Infinite went back to something very similar.

What would be neat is if one day they have both in new games and you could switch back and forth like CEA and H2A.

They look like Robot NFL players from space. I thought 4-5 looked awful.


they didnt look like spartans. They looked like power rangers.


4’s wasn’t nearly as bad as 5’s, but I still did not appreciate it. Honestly, I think 343 was way too aggressive in trying to make Halo their own thing instead of just being the people who kept things moving. I understand change is needed in some capacity with new games, but I can’t think of a justification for why the change in art style could’ve added more to the game, attracted new fans, kept current fans interested, etc . To me it just felt ego driven.

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lets just appretiate that right now the art style is the best in the series along with reach. If only it wasnt overpriced and in the shop. I still cant believe i earned nothing by completing the game on legendary.


The art style was terrible, and it also represented a general disrespect for the art of Halo up to that point.

The decision to do things like fully remodel the Forward Unto Dawn as a different ship was just terrible… the nanobots thing… terrible. Why was cortana touching holographic buttons? That’s just now how AIs work. They frankly just weren’t as talented artists, and they had poor leadership for taking them into the new art direction, and for focusing so much on the weird Hero obsession around Chief and the AI girlfriend plot.