Pokemon in Halo? Yes Please

So before you ask, this is not a map that I am posting. This is a request I am asking, with some ideas I am providing.

As the title of this suggest, I would reallu enjoy a Pokemon themed forge map. Specifically for the game type of infection. And here is why:

Grass - Now that we can add land pieces and use trees as grass (sort of), this is the perfect opportunity to create those grass patches that are so important and completely dreadful to walk through in the Pokemon franchise. The infected could easily hide inside them while cloaked.

Forest - Another great place fore zombies to hide.

Caves - These can be great for a close quarters game play theme, while also, if done right, can make it really dark, really fast (Flash Cave anybody?!).

Gym Leaders - Ok, this one is a maybe, but if you wanted to, you could have Gym Leader Stages with puzzles and when you get to the end it could be used as a safe haven of sorts, but with the obvious zombie flanking zones and areas.

Nurse Joy - Scattered around the map could be Pokecenters with limited ammo or even overshields.

And last but not least, it could easily be made into a story driven map collection, which I have seen loads of in the past.

Anyways, please have at it. Give me feedback on this. Either you like it, or you hate it. You want to do it, or you want me to shove it up where the sun don’t shine.

Thank you!

Oh, I almost forgot! The ocean! On H2A forge, there is a map filled entirely with water. Perfect for that. Plus, once again, another hiding spot for the zombies!

I actually started up a map I am making for this. It’s not really going extremely great. But I think it’s because I am a little rusty, and I don’t really care for H2A’s palette colors.

Also, I am glad no one cares…

Where would i get a Zoo-bat potion then to avoid the cave encounters? because those get REALLY annoying. >.>

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> Where would i get a Zoo-bat potion then to avoid the cave encounters? because those get REALLY annoying. >.>

A repel? Well, maybe someone can add a ‘garage door’ for the caves to keep zombies out for a small period of time.

I have taken on making a sort of prototype for this. I am nearly finished and once done, I may try to post it on the main threads for player creations. I realize no one is really paying attention, but I figured if anyone jumps in, at any point, they will be up to speed.