Points I've made so far about Infinite

  • Add Red VS Blue Back - There’s nothing to distinguish the teams from each other anymore. Everyone being different colors is confusing for team based modes, and it often takes me longer to register who’s an enemy or not (especially from a distance). Also, since there’s no RvB, I don’t even know what color team I’m on so i don’t even know if I’m winning a game or not. I personally don’t mind the outlines (if faint) to pop the character out of the environment, but the color distinctions need to be there. - Improved XP System - Progress feels slow and sometimes not there at all. No base/consistent XP gain for matches feels like I wasted my time if I didn’t complete a challenge. Maybe player and battle pass progression can be separate, with BP progression being through challenges and player progression for completing games/getting kills/etc. - Grenade Nerfs - Grenades can be spammed quite often and they are hard to get away from. Adding a grenade indicator showing one’s next to you in a certain direction would be helpful. Also increasing the detonation timer (just a little bit) for the nades would actually give me a chance to run away from it. Also, maybe slowing down the speed in which they hit the ground would help. - Radar Buff - Range needs to be increased slightly. By the time I see a red dot pop up at the edge of the map, I’m dead. - Vehicle Health Buff - Vehicles die way too quick. Adding a little more health to them would make them more useful.