Points appearing on screen in halo 4

Gotta say that i am not a big fan at all of this. I don’t think i am the only1 here that would like an option to turn that stuff off because it can be distracting from the gameplay. The less on my screen the better the way i see it and for this to appear smack dab in the middle above my crosshair is the worst place to see it. I like the halo reach system where it simply shows medals or something but is off on the side.

There is no option to toggle it and the game went gold already.

Players who have played the game already said after playing it, it wasn’t much of an issue to them at all.

Oh yea, it leaked. Well maybe it is something you get used to i guess. I do have alot of faith in these devs because i can really see that they are passionate about this universe. I guess ill take your word for it