Point of Light book

Is this supposed to be an original Halo universe novel…

…or Ready Player One in a different setting.

[/heavy sarcasm]

Also, way too much blah blah blah with the Librarian.

Just finished reading the book myself. It can be quite loaded at various points especially with the Librarian’s discussions with Rion – reminded me of Greg Bear’s style during the Forerunner trilogy (for obvious reasons there). People have a lot to digest from this book. My favourite parts would likely have to be from Spark’s perspective on things. His character has evolved tremendously since he was first introduced to players as the quirky, talkative, dictated by protocol “light-bulb” they remember him as from the early games. By now he’s one of my favourite characters in the entire series. I feel like his story has come full circle here but it looks as though they may have kept the door cracked just in case they want to focus on him once more.

We get a lot more insight into the Librarian’s personal upbringing and the circumstances surrounding who she was and how she grew to become the maternal Lifeshaper that’s committed to aiding the development of humanity. I’m sure others must have picked up on the noted traits of the Librarian that seem to parallel her with Halsey – eccentric traits that set her apart from the people around her but afford her talents to delve into realms of experimentation that are outlandish, experience with the study and manipulation of biological processes (pretty basic summation here), and an orientated mindset for the long term progression of the human species.

Could it be this affinity with Halsey that compelled the Librarian to gift her with the Janus Key? The Librarian did acknowledge that someone like herself would emerge. I’m wondering if that person isn’t Halsey.

Guess we shouldn’t be giving away too much spoilers? What I will say is that things are in a pretty interesting way right now. Rion Forge still has her pledge to find the Spirit of Fire and bring them home. You’ve got multiple personal plot-threads with the characters that’s keeping them occupied at the moment. Plus, what about the plan to avenge Cade and Ram Chalva’s crew? Is the whole vengeance against Gek 'Lhar subplot going to be resolved? We the readers know he was killed unceremoniously on Requiem by Majestic but I don’t think Rion or Ram would be aware of this fact unless it was made available in a publicised report of the Requiem campaign.

This doesn’t seem to have been started with an intent at actual discussion