Point Form Tip & Trick List

Halo 5 Quick Tips:

  • Complete commendations for XP / RP

  • Aim, Maximize bullets on target.

  • Only fire when target is in sight

  • Use smart link for mid to long range. Hip Fire close range (unless using CQC sight)

  • 3 body shots and a headshot with precision weapon is a kill

  • 3 body shots and melee is a kill

  • Melee as a last resort


  • Avoid open areas and sprint across when safe to do so

  • Almost never sprint

  • Use vantage points, high areas

  • Avoid kill zones

  • Temporarily camp kill zones / high traffic areas

  • STAND OFF: increased distance from the enemy

  • Think 1 step ahead, be 1 step ahead

  • Have a couple escape routes planed

  • TEAM UP, the larger the group the better (unless your team is giving away kills)

  • Utilize all abilities (boost slide, ground points, spartan charge, etc.)

  • Always have one precision weapon handy

  • Save best req’s for end of match

  • Focus on completing objective before killing Spartans

  • Increase sensitivity of movement / view to whats comfortable

  • Jump throw grenades

  • Bounce grenades

  • Rely little on radar

  • Wmploy stealth when possible (cover, crouch & assassinate)

  • Retreat before death. Live to fight again

  • Pace shots: A. Aim B. Shoot C. Repeat

  • Note the pace of the match and adjust loadout and strategy accordingly

  • Strafe Left and right combos in firefight

  • When not in action, avoid being idle. Move to a team mate or objective if inactive

Any additions or removals?


Could do with tips for how to play with latency cause some rules tend to need to be broken.

WTF, “rely little on radar”?? No thanks, I always, ALWAYS, use my radar. It’s like my life line

Gosh, I need to aim to maximize my bullets hitting? I didn’t realize this. /s

Majority of your tips is what should already be common sense. And it is an absolutely horrible idea to activate smart scope in close quarters entirely. And melee is never always a last resort. Sometimes it’s a good thing to melee first.

Save best reqs for end of match? If you’re dominating enough to call a high level req in then first priority should be getting high level stuff like vehicles in to secure the win. Getting high level reqs first is like getting power weapons first in arena; chances are the person with them first will secure map control if they’re good.

> 2535421124227953;1:
> - Save best req’s for end of match

I can’t get behind this one. It’s already bad enough that people hardly call in Reqs during the match while the enemy team bombards them with their own Reqs. Instead of waiting until the very end of the game, I’d rather somebody call something in that can change the tide of the battle during the match.