In 2525 they first attacked
They drove us back
We were scattered, we were lost
The outer colonies destroyed

For it not the brave men and women
We humanity would have been defeated, no more children
We fought them with everything we had
We fought them up high and down low

Yet they still defeated us
Every battle was a loss for us
Nearly half of humanity was gone
But we still had a chance

The brave Spartans of the UNSC
They fought for us you see
Against a threat, far superior
Then we could have ever guessed

Even on Reach
A planet thought to be unreachable
Was destroyed
But not before the most noble of soldiers fought back

We lost so many on Reach our final fortress
Our final hope fled to something enormous
A ring from a civilization long ago
A ring the size of a planet

This ring, this Halo
Carried a huge payload
The destruction of all sentient life
The end of everything
The Halo was destroyed by our hero
Spartan 117 our hero
But the fight wasn’t over
The alien invaders discovered our home

By then they discovered Earth
Our home planet, our place of birth
We stopped them there
They fled

When they fled they found something
Another ring
This ring they managed to activate
The rings did not fire

They were waiting
We had to get to the Ark, where something was creating
Our hero and many others fought the aliens on the ark
Soon they stopped the rings from firing

They blew up the new ring
It saved everything
Our hero, a super soldier
Saved us

They saved humanity
But we lost our hero, the savior of humanity
We can only carry on
And not let his sacrifice be in vain

Just a cool little poem I wrote about the Human-Covenant War.
Like it? Also should I add anything?

This piece is okay but I suggest that you not use the exact word as the ending of a line to rhyme with itself, otherwise good job!