plz help, microsoft server, my xbox1 gpu or TV?

I keep getting shot through walls I can see the tracer rounds go thru the walls. and explosions go off where i was and i die from them even though im 20ft plus away from them it’s like my screen and the server are separated by a sec or two, plus the game loads with no textures sometimes like everything isn’t smooth and it takes a sec or 2 for it to load up, when starting war zone
game’s the screen shutters like the fps is under 20 in the little loading movie that plays, and the promethean grenades don’t load the lighting effects so there just gray balls for the first sec or two that i see them, you sword lunge some one and the sword is sticking threw them but they don’t die. Does anyone else have this prob and if so how did you fix it because it’s driving me crazy. my tv is lcd 55’ 60hrz with game mode on. open port forwarded router, 100mb down 10 up and i get those speeds reliably.

edit: tried using my computer 24’’ monitor and it caused a better experience there was still a lot of lag but a lot of the rendering issues seemed to to improve by 80%