Plz deal with the gio filtering cheaters

It is a struggle rank in this game is in a bad state add the wall hacker and aimboter now add the gio filtering kids to the mix is getting out of hand is not like it happens one in a million it is getting to a point that playing rank is not worth the try imagine u having to play on a server that your oponent picked he is playing below 30 pins while u and your entire team plays 90% on there servers with a 157 to 240 pin every game unable to play the game just cuz other player feel entitle to all ways play on there own terms is getting out of hand … u can match we the same players to game in a row and both game your stuck on there server with 157 pin there is no point is not like they only match we people from the same server oh no no no i wish it was like that but is not there manipulating the game to there advantage now

U have to deal
With hackers and now cheaters …
Plus is if the game decides to boot you out of it u can’t rejoin a ranked game so you get punish for no reason when is clearly can be fix like every other esport game …


There’s literally no way to tell if someone using geo-filtering or if the game is just using weird server routing as it is known to do. It’s pure speculation on your part, most likely due to hype surrounding the practice leading you to believe it’s the cause.

The server issues and user forced geo-filtering are problems that certainly need to be addressed though.


Geo-filtering just blocks servers out side your range. In my opinion this should be an in game feature anyway.


First of all, please learn how to spell, use punctuation and create paragraphs so we can actually understand what you’re talking about without having to decode your illiterate wall of text.

Secondly, having tried to translate your incoherent mess…it sounds like you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about with regards to Geo Filter. You can’t blame other players (whether they use Geo Filter or not) if you’re unfortunate enough to live in a location that forces you to connect to a server with high ping.

I could expand further on this subject but I genuinely don’t think you’d understand.


That is the basic premise of a Geo Filter but it can be used in other ways too in order to exploit the game especially if used in conjunction with a virtual server…but I doubt there’s any advantage of using those methods in Halo.

Please explain why you think players forcing themselves on to their own local servers is an issue that needs to be addressed.

As an example, if a player in the UK is able to use Geo Filter to ensure they connect to either of the two European servers in Dublin or Amsterdam with approx 20ms ping, then how is that a problem for any other player when those are the two servers that the game should be selecting for that player anyway, rather than connecting them to a server with over 150ms in America.

Because it’s not an officially supported feature of the title, and was shown to be a disqualifying factor in official league play.

It’s in MCC (at least from my understanding looking at networks settings), if 343 wants to add supported region lock, that’s what should be done.

Admirable or best of intentions aside, it’s clearly a built in feature in one game but not the other as of yet.

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There isn’t really an advantage. If you have geo-filtering on then its blocking connections outside the range you set. Of course you can drop the pin to some other country to get bot lobbies but then you’ll be the one with 250 ping so it’s really counterintuitive.

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Yeah that’s exactly what I’m talking about. I don’t think bot lobbies exist in Halo like they did in COD Warzone.

You haven’t actually given a good reason why it needs to be addressed though. Just because it’s not “officially supported” or because a pro player got banned from HCS doesn’t mean that it’s an issue that needs to be addressed in the casual player population that just want to ensure they have the best gaming experience possible and minimise any issues caused by being connected to high ping lobbies.

What I think and hope you mean is what needs to be addressed is 343i implementing correct and effective search parameters in matchmaking (Social and Ranked) such as region lock so players that don’t have a Geo Filter aren’t being punished and forced to connect to servers thousands of miles away with high ping.

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The two reasons I gave that “aren’t a good reason” validates why I completely agree on the second paragraph. The idea behind region selection/locking/geo-filtering isn’t an inherently bad or negative mechanic, but it should be a feature not something that players can only tap into outside of the game.

You know as well as I do in most online competitive games, the use of 3rd party (or peripheral) functions that directly influences the way the game behaves is at best frowned upon and at worst bannable. Geo-filtering (the way it’s currently accessible) fits that category to a “T”, and has been shown that it is not tolerated in an official capacity.

Having it as a feature in game (such as MCC) allows for the developers to set up parameters that determine how the region selection works, and can be tuned/patched in ways that can adjust for potential bugs/issues/exploits that may arise. With a user created/managed system the Devs have no control over it which can lead to potentially intended/unintended consequences.

I’m not suggesting that this is a bad mechanic by any means, I’m simply drawing from precedent set by 343 in regards to the current and past situations surrounding region selection/geo-filtering.


Unofficially supported - not acceptable

Officially supported - acceptable


We’ll just have to agree to disagree on your definition of “needs”…however I agree whole heartedly that the server issues need urgent attention as their number one priority. The game is a joke at the moment and I can’t take it seriously.

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I may have improperly conflated the two different issues of varying degrees in that first response (honestly wasn’t the intention), but as with most (if not all) issues currently riddling this game, I think we can both agree that the every issue “needs” to be addressed in its respective fashion, not necessarily putting them all on the same pedestal.

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Agree. Players using Geo Filter wouldn’t even be an issue or even up for discussion if 343i had done their job properly as simple region or connection based matchmaking search criteria should have been implemented at day one. They have all the data they need from Halo MCC and Halo5 so they have no excuses…they have once again proved themselves to be at best incompetent and at worst negligent.

Also, I would add that the only “official capacity” was a ruling made by HCS. That player in question was using Geo Filter to force server location in official tournament games for his or his teams benefit, and that clearly is against the HCS competition rules not the rules of the game played by us mere relatively casual players.

For the record, I’ll continue to use my Geo Filter to ensure I don’t get placed on US servers at over 150ms…it won’t remove the total BS desync but it will minimise my disadvantage of playing on high ping and high latency servers which 343i have failed to protect me from with their incompetence.


So your force your oponent to play on your grounds while they get stuck on 150 pin just cuz u want to play on 20 pin so u manipulate the game to your will nice.thats the problem right now on rank u eather get forced to a server u dont want to play on 170 and 250

This pass few days pc players are forcing there way in matchmaking it is getting out of hand is not like there giving u a chance to play on = grounds there forcing and advantage over there oponent is not and in game mechanic it needs to be ban over all until something like mcc gets implemented but right now people abusing it. It needs to be ban … or force to play with just people form that server …

You clearly don’t understand how connection to the dedicated servers and geo filters work so please refrain from preaching to me if you don’t understand the basic concept of how players connect to servers and play with or against each other.

FYI I’m connecting to my local servers and everyone else that I play with or against also connects to the same server therefore there isn’t any advantage to anyone and there is absolutely no reason why any player on either EU server would have 150ms ping unless they are connecting from far outside Europe.

Get your facts straight and learn some knowledge on the subject before attempting to belittle me or accusing me of cheating or manipulating the game.

Please reply with confirmation of where you are based, and I will advise you which servers you should connect to or try to find an explanation as to why you are getting high ping connections. I’m guessing your first language isn’t English, so which country are you based in?

Edit: I tried to decode your second paragraph but I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Please explain.

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Jeez, full stops help

Again you have no way of knowing who’s running a geo-filter and who’s not. Ping is not an accurate representation of knowing if someone’s using a geo-filter.

Ideally 343 would match people from the same region and all would have ping in a similar range. E.g. people in Europe would connect to EU servers, people from Asia to Asian servers, people in North America to North American servers. In the majority of cases this seems to work - I rarely get put onto US servers (> 100 ms ping).

The issue arises whenever people from different regions get matched. When one player is from the US and another from the EU, then either one or the other will have high ping, as they will either be placed on a US or a EU server (we don’t have servers floating in the middle of the ocean, which could conceivably give middling ping to both players). So no matter what anyone does - there won’t ever be “equal ground” if those people get matched.

If you are always playing on high ping servers this typically would have one of a few reasons:

  • your connection is bad
  • you live far away from any server
  • you play at times with low population in your region (e.g.: if I from the EU play late into the night, I’d more likely get put on US servers where there are more people)

Given that I and many other people don’t experience the same issue of playing on far away servers all the time, I’d doubt that the reason is cheaters but rather one of the above (most likely the third).


every time I get games over 150 ping I can guarantee you someone geo filtering. I’ve had multiple games where my teammates tell me they are doing so.

Lets say that I’m getting servers that are 150+ ping this is still an issue that needs to be resolved, even outside of geo filtering.