Plot twist

What are the chances something unexpected happens in the campaign?

Very likely— I think there will definitely be a few surprises, but we’ll see how big/small they are

I’m guessing there’s gotta be some thing we still don’t know about the Weapon and Cortana—I saw people predicting it could be Cortana in disguise

we don’t know enough yet but 100% sure something unexpected will happen.
seems like chief has amnesia of some sort so we’ll piece together a really surprising story of what happened, then something even more surprising will happen that will be related to what chief pieced together.
Kind of reminds me of ODST :slight_smile:

I’m sure there will be a plot twist or a big revelation of some kind during the story, most likely involving Cortana somehow or possibly something to do with the Halo ring itself. Having the Flood come back and having to fight them would be something I really want to have happen as well, although I’m not sure you could call that a plot twist. But yeah I’m sure that something unexpected will happen as is usually the case in a Halo game. Considering all the mystery surrounding Cortana’s fate and The Weapon I’m like 80% certain that something surprising will come from that.

a lot I think, 343 can give us some nice surprises.