Plot thread obviously left open

I noticed there is a plot thread was obvious left open for Halo 5, with the conversation between Master Chief and The Librarian about The Librarian planning us and Master Chief asking for what and she can’t answer due to The Didact showing up. I feel 343 wants to hold off that answer (Precursors) is revealed until Spartan Ops or Halo 5.


Lol JK, and yeah they did leave that open and also why the Didact wanted a new Promethean army… Or that may just have been him being trapped in a Sphere for thousands of years and going insane.

Also, really interested what effects the Precursors will have on the Haloverse.

Spops will lead to Halo 5. The new Primordial is probably on Requiem and will be revealed in at the end of season one possibly. This will probably lead to the Primordial escaping (due to Eggheads) to Installation 07 where it is infested with Flood and has Mendicant Bias along with Chakas Guilty Spark and the ship he stole. All of this speculation of course.

Also, this probably best discussed in the Halo Universe section rather then here.