Plot holes

So if all the Spartans of noble 6 (except George) are spartan III’s why does their armor have energy shielding? According to the books the Spartan II’s did not receive energy shields until about an hour before the covenant attacked reach. That being said I am also wondering why the III"s are in full fledged Mjoliner variants. According to the canon that Bungie produced III’s are supposed to be equipped with S.P.I. armor, a cheaper alternative to mjoliner.

Noble Team were one group of the few S-III’s to wear MJOLNIR armor, specifically a Mark V variant – likely a prototype at the time, hence shielding and armor abilities.

Considering Halsey wasn’t in charge of the S-III program (she knew nothing of it for quite some time), it shouldn’t come as a surprise that secret variants of MJOLNIR were manufactured for some of the S-III’s.

If you’ll notice, Noble Team’s armor looks and functions much differently than S-II Mark V armor, like Chief’s.

If you’re looking for more answers, plenty can be found on this Halo wiki.

The reality of it is that it is a halo game and they wanted to keep similar mechanics like the shield system available. The more cannon explanation is that they were an exceptional group and they were kinda field testing brand new gear.

carter died by suicide to kill a scarab while he could have jumped out with a jet pack