plese please make a new 'forge world'

i think a new “forge world” is a wonderful idea… those who dont want a forge world i think mostly play multiplayer or just online or arent too good at designing but to those who are YOU DESERVE A FORGE WORLD :slight_smile: reach’s forge world as far as i know belongs to bungie (the rights anyway) so i dont think they can bring it back but theres no reason to not make a whole new one. maybe ICE WORLD this time :slight_smile: i always wanted to see forge world in winter but i think it would be fantastic to have another titanic map to play and have fun on, thats the point of games after all you know… some stages that featured the entire map were outlandish but very very very very fun… most of them were races or even huge environment puzzles… i proclaim this: 343, if you say you want to have your players have fun… why did you deny them one of the greatest creations that bungie ever generated for the people… those “large” stages to forge on in halo 4 are savagely limiting and those who love forge world know what im talking about. the point is that no not all of the map was used but the scenery was beutiful and spectacular. you could make maps on the water high in the air in a cave on a plain or cliff on an island or even next to a waterfall IT WAS GORGEOUS and these stages in halo 4 are well, tiring. how do you expect to see ‘creations’ when these stages seem to encourage specific building scenarios… and this is just me here but i cant stay in these stages long before i get visually tired and sick of the colors of them with that i have to quit forging when in reach i could forge for six hours at a time, the exception to the color thing is ravine which ironicaly is the smallest of the forge maps. lol i even laugh now cuase sometimes when me and my brother would forge we would make short movies, just the two of us while generating what we need and making the voices and stuff, it was so much fun… i guess that could still be done but the areas are very small by comparison and wont allow for very many ‘locations.’ allowing players to build as big or small without expectations or limitations is one of the greatest joys i have ever recieved so please please 343i, keep a great idea going. let those forge fanatics (myself included) go wild and crazy and amazing with their ideas :slight_smile: