Please use the best AI bot tier, Spartan, for teammate replacements

What was the purpose of designing the highest Spartan tier AI if you’re not even going to use it? The Bot Playlist uses Marine tier, the teammate replacements seem to be Marine tier or ODST tier at best. I’m getting about sick and tired of losing matches because a teammate quits and I got stuck with a crappy AI teammate that just feeds the enemy team kills, especially in Slayer matches. A smaller team can beat a larger team in Slayer with smart plays, but not when you have a super weak AI feeding the enemy team kills left and right.


Yeah, that’s really stupid, what the point of a bot in a TDM match if it makes free kills for the opponent.
That’s basic gameplay design, you shouldn’t have this kind of problem, that shouldn’t happen in this mode if the AI is too weak, they shouldn’t put it in the first place.