Please unbreak Breakout

Hey 343, remember when you “fixed” breakout, a game type that wasn’t exactly wildly popular by any means. Well since its been “fixed” I can never find a game, there seems to be nobody playing it at all, where as before it was completely broken I could always find games. Please for the love of god PLEASE revert breakout to its original form, there was a small fanbase of the mode previously and while I can’t speak for all of them I can speak for myself in saying you really messed it up, you changed it to the point that it is a shadow of its former self and now from what I can tell not a single person plays it. Please give me the old breakout back.


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> Preach.

I’m not even ranking in it because I don’t feel like losing my voice or raising my blood pressure lol

To be honest, I prefer it the way it currently is. Although the 5 second flag caps make my blood boil. And why did they make it full shields just to spawn you with a weapon that will one shot you whether your health is raised or not? It would be much better if they would atleast removed the shotguns. But yeah, it doesn’t even matter. I can never find a game in it. I somehow managed to place last season, but I haven’t found a single game since the new season started. The days of Halo being THE game to play are far gone.

There a feedback thread pinned in the Matchmaking forums, feel free to leave your comments and feedback there.