Please stop voting for Haven.

Instant spawns and sprint make this map a mess.

I got annoyed with the map being so popular with people, but I’ve learned to appreciate the design by using the (still awkward) flank routes and holding down choke points with my Lil Buddy.

I like FFA Regicide on that map. Only. Otherwise not a fan of FFA Regicide or Haven in general. I must add that Haven without sprinting, like a few Halo 4 maps, would get tedious very quickly.

Dude the mouth-breathing, Monster-swilling trailerpark five year olds who spam map choices 'til you want to break your xbox aren’t on bloody forums, Bro. Simple as that.

Haven is good. As near as you will ever get to an uncampable map.

Instant respawn is a problem though, I’ll grant you.

At least it’s good map…In Reach everyone voted for Sword Base.

So, ya. When you have to play Haven more than you’d like just think about how awesome it is that you aren’t playing on Sword Base.

Lol yeah sure I’ll stop voting for the best map on the game, the smallest most competitive map we have. At least unlike Sword Base Haven is a great map, you might be happier in Big team dude where you’ll find like 20 different maps to pick from. In 4v4 we have to make do with Haven, Abandon, Adrift, Solace and Complex.



So I can’t vote for a map I like when it rarely shows up for a voting option now?
Lol okay.

It isn’t exactly my fault every other map plays horribly for a 4v4 slayer setting is it?

> Instant spawns and sprint make this map a mess.

and the others are ok ?