Please stop thinking of Halo Infinite as a competitive shooter

343 you really need to stop thinking of the game as SOLELY competitive shooter because it’s not. Stop trying to funnel everything as an eSport, stop listening to your internal competitive team and stop trying to make every match in social as ultra competitive. Old halos were fun because it was a laid back game you played with friends. Halo 1 had some crazy unfair maps but they were fun to play. Same with most other Halo games, people didn’t give a crap because they were FUN to play. All the existing maps are generic and really basic with no fun element built into them, except maybe the laser drill. Stop listening to your competitive team about what’s fair in or competitive in these maps. Stop looking at the new weapons and equipment as “Will this work in the eSports scene?” Instead just try out a weapon and release it. Make a piece of equipment and release it. Let the community decide. If we dislike it remove it. That’s the iterative process that a live service should have.

This is also not to say you can’t have any sense of competitive maps or weapons but they should be a small part of the consideration. Put out four maps and let one of them be the competitive eSports one. Put out a weapon and let the sweats determine if it gets put into their eSports. Just stop trying to make a sport and make something fun.

The game at it’s core is great but your reliance on a stringent release cycle and ultra polished maps and items will kill this game. Give us community Forge maps today, not ones we can edit but that have been made by the Forge users. If they suck just remove them from the playlist next week.


That is actually straight facts lmao.


Sean W is that you?

Bring back Last Spartan Standing


Well well well. A man of culture and understanding.

This is for you —> :slight_smile:

Tbf, almost all shooters are competitive. They dumbed it down [starting with H2) only to appease casuals full knowing pros would still dominate.

That’s why Last Spartan Standing was so great. It tossed in just enough randomness to offset that.

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The equipment that doesn’t suit general multiplayer could find uses in customs. The development time would not be wasted as someone will find a use for it.


Yeah 100%, look at H3 and Reach. Bungie vaulted the broken equipment/armour abilities and just didn’t bother trying to fix them.

Modern games do it way more, release something. If it is broke it will form a meta, use player data to determine whether it is a quick fix or a vault.

Everything that ends up being OP or game breaking will have a home in customs, forge and Vs bots.


One of the problems was that so
Many ex and current pros were involved in the development of 343 Halo infinite.
343 saw this as a bragging rights or in some way a validation of all that they will do.

They created a niche monster with an aiming system that is just not right.

I have amazing memories of fun games of not caring that I lost because we had so much fun
Where has that gone 343
HCS has another year left, MLG dropped it because they saw the lack of casual player involvement.


infinite should have launched with like 30 equipment, just for custom games. let the imagination go wild designing them, let people modify the experimentaal equipment into new equipment in forge, get community feedback and discover the next best equipment to add to matchmaking with extra polish.


Halo at its core is a fun social areana shooter, comp always came after that.


Nice, advocate for more wasted resources.

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Ya or at least rought back all the og ones so we could play classic custom modes at launch.

I miss the bubble shield and power drain quite a bit.
And promethean vision had lots of cool apllications

Jet packs vs grapple sounds like it could make an epic asymmetrical mode especially with bespoke forge maps.

Although 30 sounds like a hard number to hit if 343i want to make all their sandbox tools competitively viable which they appear to be attempting.
Leaves little rum for fun toys for the sake of fun.
Promethean vision/armour lock would not be options for 343i with its current philosophy.

If 343 really was looking at number then the overwhelming number of players that Immediately leave the BTB game mode stockpile should’ve shown what the ACTUALLY least like and played game mode was going back LSS and toss Stockpile


I miss the days where I could play Halo and enjoy it without sweating my you know whats off and huffing and puffing through the entire game like my life depends on it.

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MCC is great!


Focusing 90% on one part of the community and only 10% on the other is definitely unfortunate. It’s nice to have a good competitive scene and support it openly, but it should he a means to an end (profit and more public interest) not the entire point of the game/business.

Nintendo and Smash Bros is one that went the other way, where the “for fun” players got 90% of the devotion and only 10% to the competitive community. That’s another amazing game that had so much more potential than what it ended with.

I stated the same thing in my post!!!

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

I guess you don’t understand how development works. They likely have about 10 pieces of equipment in development atm. You’ll likely see a single one of them in the current workflow. I’m asking them to just put them all in social games and get more feedback from more than their “competitive team” who are literally ruining the game. By letting the fans decide what works and what doesn’t they get immediate feedback and waste no resources.

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I think you hit the nail on the head.

This is a pointless reply that I won’t respect with a real response.