Please, Stop the derankers.

two games both in a row i just quit out the second one cause there was no point in staying to watch everyone run in and die without a shot fired.
PLEASE 343 i beg you stop derankers! however you can

um what
this is halo 3
last I checked all updates stopped for it a long time ago

it’s sadly how Halo 3 ranked can be at times.

It’s why I mainly stick to social now. No derankers, not as many afk players, or ppl who scream at everyone when a match is not going their way lol

This is part of the reason why the ranking system changed for Reach. I never see derankers (obviously), and even when I play Team Doubles I rarely see new accounters.

Hopefully these measures from Reach will be kept and improved in Halo 4.

Lol, I could spend the rest of the day posting links with derankers in them. They’re there all right, you just need to watch out for certain playlists and level ranges.