Please stop matching me against full parties.

It seems that every other game I play, I am matched against teams of four despite the fact I enter playlists alone. Halo: Reach had this issue, as well. Why has this become such a frequent practice?

Halo 3 would do everything possible to avoid matching four randoms against a team of four, yet this game often seems to prefer it. It’s equally annoying when I find myself on a team of with three people who are in a party matched against four randoms. Generally I can place my controller down and cook dinner at that point.

No one I know still plays this game, so “derp play with your friends” isn’t an option. On top of that, sometimes I honestly prefer being able to play by myself. Communication is great, but in previous installments it wasn’t always necessary to speak - the indicator over your teammates’ heads in Halo 3 was far more useful in TS than “hes 1 shot ovr ther,” being that I’ve never been very clear on where “over there” is.

Also, why can’t I prefer a good host?

It’s all luck of the draw, why I don’t play unless there’s a party size limit or with 2 friends. I feel like a bad person when we go jump in a L. Slayer lobby and get put up against randoms…almost no competition.

People have complained about this since launch, but apparently it’s something 343 can’t fix due to the population being so low etc. Personally when I get matched against a team of campers for the third time in a row I’ll just switch to Regicide.

I dislike this as well but lemme tell you my solution. Anyone on my team the previous game with a k/d of 1.5 or above I instantly invite after the game. If they don’t come after one invite (they usually do) I invite one more time. Now I’ve got a decent teammate. I rinse and repeat this evey game till i have a full team, and when I get off halo for the night I send them all friend requests.

My friends list is stuffed with good halo players and I invite whoevers on before I start playing.

If you have a mic and your friendly it’s easy to make halo friends.

I usually play with full parties or when by myself I sit in a XBL party alone so I don’t have to deal with gamechat(I’m kinda anti-social outside my small group of XBL friends).
I’m a good team player though, despite not being in gamechat 99% of the time.

You will find faster games playing against full parties. What is wrong with that? Are you a sore loser or something? Nobody takes Halo4 serious in my book, even with CSR.

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If the game designers had of taken solo players into account instead of treating them like third class gaming citizens there may have been more then 30000 people still playing this game.

Going against even a lame party as a random is not fun or fair.

> You will find faster games playing against full parties. What is wrong with that? Are you a soar loser or something? Nobody takes Halo4 serious in my book, even with CSR.

Tell that to “DivineDMR” and the party he was with that was beating my team about 500 to 50.
also it’s sore
The insulting messages I got after I left deter me from playing multiplayer in general. Later that day I also got someone asking if they could send a friend request, all I said was “I suppose” and I get back “like i would wanna (various expletives) add you anyway random”

I just wanna play a game, have a little fun…why’s it gotta be like that?


My favorite is when my full team gets split across two teams thanks to a pathetic Join In Progress system. When I want to play against my friends I play customs. The fact that this problem has never been fixed is laughable.

We never had this problem in Halo 3 ranked games. If you went into matchmaking solo you faced teams of solo or pairs of players in ranked games. No longer is the case with Halo matchmaking.

I believe the system tries to match parties of 3 or 4 with other parties of 3 or 4. So when it matched a party of 4 with a party of 3 there is one lucky person that gets throw into the game. It happens quite a bit while searching alone but I rarely see it when I’m with 1 other person. Just another product of a low population.

The matchmaking system will try to match you against roughly evenly-skilled players on a good connection in fastest amount of time possible. Given the lower population of Halo 4 and Reach, often this will involve matching players searching alone with full parties. If party matching was enabled for all (applicable) playlists, you’d likely be stuck waiting five to ten minutes for match to start, because it would have to satisfy all of the aforementioned constraints, while also trying to find people who are searching alone.

When I play alone I don’t hate the fact that the other team is a party, it’s more that my team can never keep up. It’s always funny to force an enemy party to rage quit against your team of randoms.

I’ve had this problem since I started playing Halo on XBL back in the Halo 3 days. I’ve learned to live with it. My bigger complaint is the quitters on my team who wuss out when they face tough competition.