Please Stop Freaking Out About Halo 4

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Detailed explanation on why the leaks are fake.

We havent even seen any real gameplay of these things in action. There’s a lot of things that sound bad on paper but in the game might actually be good.

Plus, all those things are subject to change.

The only thing that doesnt make sense to me is the instant respawn. But who knows, maybe it’ll work out.

But we all knew this Halo was going to be a lot different from what we are use to. And its time for some major changes, enough of this tweaking things little by little. Its time for an overhaul.

As for the removal of firefight and elites in MM. Ehh I saw that coming, Firefight in Halo reach was incredibly easy. It wasnt a survival mode, it was a slaughter house. The fact of the matter is people like a challenge, and it looks like Spartan ops will actually present that. And this story seems to be more about the spartans, so it makes sense not to put elites in MM.

Wow Waypoint is fast today!!! I know you all apreciate my opinion though

i love halo but if that -Yoink- is true wtf is halo now

> i love halo but if that Yoink! is true wtf is halo now

Haha, that is very funny.