Please! Spectre in Halo 4

If there’s anything I love about Halo, it’s the teamwork that is shown between a driver and their gunner. I also like if there’s multiple vehicles that encourage this, which wasn’t such a big deal in Halo CE, but Halo 2 and Halo 3 had both the Warthog ‘and’ covenant counterparts (Spectre and Prowler). Now, If there’s anything I hate about Halo: ‘Reach’, was that every time I played elite slayer, there was no vehicle that had seperate driver and gunner seats. Of course there was the wraith, but the driver doesn’t need to rely on his gunner. All I want for Halo 4 is at least 2 vehicles (prefferably one from each faction) with seperate gunner and driver seats in which the driver is required for movement of the vehicle, and the gunner is required for offensive power of the vehicle, other than splatters. E.g. Warthog and spectre, not warthog and something like a revenant, in which the driver takes on both roles.

I really like the covenant side of things in Halo, that’s why I loved the spectre and prowler (although they were frowned upon by most players, can’t say that for the spectre, I didnt know the opinion of most players back in halo 2, since I never had live for xbox original).

I agree. But I really can’t say anything more. Debating around this kind of thing is a bit difficult to me.
But anything that helps avoiding the Lone Wolf behavior is very welcome.

There’s just a lot of talk about people wanting Halo 4 to be a purely win/loss rank system, but I want the wheelmans and assists system to contribute to rank somehow aswell… that’s off the topic at hand, but still relevant. but back to the spectre, I also want a vehicle that can carry my team (spectre/prowler carries 4 people) or half my team (if in BTB). I remember having the best team back in h3. we would destroy btb sand tarp/ avalanche heavy. half out team would go power vehicles (tank, hornet, banshee) and/or elephant, and the other half would use the prowler. I’d drive up to the enemy base with my gunner and two passengers and gun down any heavy opposition (warthogs, other prowler, mongoose) that hasn’t been taken down by our tanks/air, then the two passengers (who are very good friends i might add, they play a lot of doubles) jump off and enter the base, both helping each other to take out the enemies in the base (which is a lot harder in reach because only one person can go passenger because only vehicle with driver/gunner seats is warthog) then grab the flag while the one without the flag can escort back to prowler so we can drive back and capture the flag…

Mission Acomplished :smiley:

Although im sure you didnt even want to read that, but that was the good ol’ days, and I hope I can relive them in H4. One passenger may not seem like a difference, but the diversity of having two unique vehicles that both have driver/gunner seats respectively is something Halo 4 needs, especially if there’s going to be a gametype like covie slayer or elite slayer etc.