Please ship H2A as post-update

First off, thank you 343i. This is exactly what we wanted. H1, H2, and H3 on dedicated servers? My pants have been off since the announcement.

Not many people remember that day 1 Halo 2 was pretty bad. The melee system was completely broken. I believe it took 4 or 5 melees to kill someone. The first update fixed all of this, and is what made Halo 2 the game everyone loved and played countless hours of.

So, please ship this as a post-update on day 1.

Thanks again!

I would think that they would include all the title updates. Some updates were just for system stability so yeah they need to be there I think.

I hope that it’s title updated to the most recent version.

To be honest, I couldn’t care less about BXR-ing people; all it ever did was create an unnecessary skill gap between people who wanted to play legitimately and insane pro-players.

Wow, melees took 5 hits!? :open_mouth:

Halo 2 in the MCC collection has been confirmed as “post-patch” in the latest Halo Bulletin.