Please, separate the game modes or eliminate mode specific challenges

It is very annoying to play several game modes I do not want to play in order to find the specific one I am trying to find.
Very often playing on quick means people leaving the game as soon as it starts if it is not what they wanted leaving you with bots and totally sold out.
Please remove the game mode exclusive challenges if I cannot get into the match from the menu.


It is annoying, and it’s also creating a large amount of players dropping out as they trying to get 1 particular game mode, I loved the mcc way that I could literally pick what game modes I wanted to play, hopefully when more game modes come into infinite they will change it.


Seriously, man. If I want to play Team Slayer, I’ll play Team Slayer. I don’t want it in my quick play!


100%, I really hope they are able to do something about this


I don’t mind game mode specific challenges when the game mode can be chosen, like Fiesta, but trying to play a game that’s part of a playlist of other games is just frustrating.


I love getting Oddball 17 times instead of the mode I need.


Exactly! It adds no real value to the experience and actually encourages quitring or idling

We really should never stop asking for this until 343 does it. Patently ridiculous we can’t select the game modes we want and even moreso that challenges are tied to them.

I have seen several posts about it and not a single pronunciation from 343 about it. I am really concerned that most of my friends (hardcore halo fans) have already left the game and do not want to come back at all.
This situations really push the buttons on most people and really do not think 343 understand the situation =(.