Please revise arena ranking system

I’ve been playing Arena for a while now, and I think the ranking system needs to be changed. The way you’re ranked is purely based on win/loss record, which is not an accurate representation of a player’s skill. My friend is far better than I am, and in Swat, he’s ranked as a Gold 2, where I’m a Gold 4, going on 5. I end up getting put in matches where I’m significantly outclassed, yet I keep getting placed on the winning team.

My friend, on the other hand, gets put in matches with other players who shouldn’t be ranked as they are, and he keeps losing, thus his Gold 2 ranking. He really should be in the Diamond tier.

I think rank should be based on KDA, accuracy, and medal count, with win/loss record as only a minor factor. These stats should also be weighted based on the rank of other players in the opposing team each match. This, I feel, would give a far more accurate read on a player’s skill level. Please consider this, 343. It would make Arena matches far more evenly matched and allow for better games.

This is better suited for the matchmaking forums, see the pinned threads from josh about placements and the ranking system