Please remove walking

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Having played Halo for years now, I’ve come to realize walking serves no purpose (and make it so you can shoot while sprinting). The multiple movement speeds are pointless and it just leads to jerky gameplay, which is one reason why H5 feels so much less smooth than earlier Halos (that, plus clamber and the bad aiming mechanic). In any case, I think things would be easier for many perspectives if we have just one, fast primary movement speed in H6 (I realize nothing is going to be done in H5 in this regard).

this makes no sense halo started as walking

umm is this a bizarro post?
did you mean sprint?
anyways walking serves alot of purpose. one you have to for your shields.
2 you can get into bad scenarios if you sprint into every room.
and if you couldn’t walk you…

NO! They must have have their arbitrary and useless animation so they can feel like Spartans.


If you remove walking you have one speed. If you remove sprint you have one speed. So really what you are proposing is to remove sprinting. Although if there is only one speed is it fair to call it walking or sprinting? I propose the Spartans legs remain static, and we levitate just a wee bit. Then we can call it gliding. Problem solved, everyone is happy.

ITT: whoosh.

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> ITT: whoosh.

It’s a Banshee!
It’s a Phaeton!
No…it’s THE JOKE.

You basically made another “take away sprint” thread and just worded it differently. I’m with you, I’m not a sprint advocate, but we have plenty of these forums.

If they did away with walking, at least halo would be unique again… All be it not in a good way, but unique none the less.

I get what the OP is saying. He wants H6 more like H2A with one fast base movement speed.

No walking, only sprint. You can only shoot if you’re standing still.

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> I get what the OP is saying. He wants H6 more like H2A with one fast base movement speed.

:slight_smile: Yes - I thought I worded things a bit differently it may hit home that sprint is really an illusion. If you want fast engagements make one fast base speed and scale maps accordingly. Double movement speeds are just more work w more animations and less smoothness, and once you realize this the illusion loses its appeal.

So we remove walking and possibly by extension crouching and thus remove the ability to stealthily move about? I guess this makes sense to a run’n’gun player but I will point out that this is Halo. You want to sprint everywhere? Play COD.

Look, gents…

Trolling on the forums is a lot like getting pulled over by the cops. If you can make the cop laugh, things won’t be nearly as bad and he might not even give you a ticket.

This is not one of those times.