Please remove the challenges or make them easier to do

I wanna try to keep this constructive but holy crap am I frustrated with these challenges. Not only are a good amount of them incredibly frustrating or difficult to do but they take away the fun and enjoyment ability of a match and they switch players focus from the main objective of a game mode and make it so that players focus their challenges instead which only adds up to more frustration. I think challenges where you get kills and kills with certain weapons should stay but vehicle kills needs to go. Also challenges like “Save an allies life from far away” and “kill an enemy spartan that’s trying to return their flag” needs to go as well. Also a good challenge would be like to hold the oddball for a certain amount of time and steal the enemy flag so many times, not the one where you score but one where the challenge progresses when you pick up their flag so that it’s not so difficult or frustrating to to do. Each tier is an upgraded amount of whatever the challenge was so like get 10 kills moves up to 15 or 25, then that upgrades to 50 and then that challenge is done for the week and each gets more xp with each teir increase. Also each tier progression resets the amount of points from the previous challenge so like if you got 10 kills and it goes up to 15 then you need 15 more kills not 5. We should not have to focus challenges as hard though like some of these challenges ask of us. I have one to destroy an enemy chopper and have had 0 opportunities to get it done and same for save an allies life from far away or any time I try to kill an enemy trying to return their flag I get decimated and can’t get that one done. I just feel like the whole challenge system is really frustrating where it’s at right now. There’s some challenges I enjoy doing like the ones I mentioned and others that are very difficult. I’m sure there’s a wide variety of challenges that can be made up that aren’t too frustrating to do besides ones I brainstormed but that’s just a start.

On a side note please increase how much xp we get per match completion and make it so we get xp for how well we do in a match luke previous halos.


I agree, these challenges should always be secondary and your performance in each match should be the most rewarded.

If they change it to that then I bet you that everyone (including myself doin the same in a few matches) won’t be running around and ignoring the main objectives.


I agree so much. I really hope fixing this system in multi-player is a top priority for the MP team right now and is out when the campaign drops.

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I’ve a challenge to kill enemy spartans with the sidekick 25 times.

Like… asking me to do it 25 times is ridiculous.

Then there’s challenges asking players to kill enemy Spartans with a Wraith 5 times. I’ve never even seen a wraith spawn in BTB yet.

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I actually have that sidekick challenge too and it’s not hard in my opinion, im okay with that one mostly because the sidekick isn’t real hard to get kills with, it would just take a good amount of matches to do. It’s a bit more grindy but that could easily be a teir 3 challenge and I’d be fine with it. The wraith challenge is one I’ve had and I’ve seen a wraith but never gotten to drive one. It’s ridiculous, there needs to be more vehicle spawns and bigger maps like Valhalla. Either way that should definitely not be a challenge.

I have a challenge where you have to basically perform a nadeshot. I swear I’ve done this several times, but it hasn’t counted.

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Yeah the challenges are also super bugged when it comes to counting the completions of each challenge, it’s even more frustrating.

A bit of a bump to an old thread but did anyone notice the challenges got a lot easier since the start of this week? Before it was “kill 10 with pulse carbine” or “kill a spartan with a thrown coil” sort of thing. Now a lot of them are just “kill 10 with melee” or “win 3 matches” which are a lot more reasonable to make quick progression on.

@dev team can you comment if there was tuning to the nature of the challenges for this week?

Challenges were made easier, after a couple days in week 1 343 took out some of the worst challenges, but there are some challenging (no pun intended) ones still. The kill a Spartan with a thrown coil is actually still present. Not sure if anything special went into this week’s challenges though.

Challenges being frustrating and reliant on chance is working as intended, they wouldn’t sell you the solution of challenge swaps otherwise.

Don’t really need to even buy swaps if you have the BP. You get plenty of swaps through that.

Theoretically not if you’re unlucky. For the average player, probably so. But that doesn’t change the fact that you’re paying for the game to be less frustrating.

I agree the challenge system makes players not play the game as Intended. And strictly chase after challenges. Challenges need to be removed completely.

I disagree but that’s just based on my experience. To be fair I have dedicated a decent amount of time to Halo and not everyone can do the same. I feel as though you get enough challenge swaps through the BP to make it so you don’t have to purchase any.

I wouldn’t go that far. Fundamentally there’s nothing wrong with challenges, several other games have similar systems and there’s no issue. However, I do think that until there is a proper performance based XP system you’ll always have the occasional player throwing a match for challenges. A revamped progression system can’t come fast enough.

I don’t want easy challenges the whole week. They should ramp up, but the first set of challenges at the start of the week should not be super specific.

My only concern is if they make them too casual it’ll become something you don’t pay any attention to and everyone just unlocks everything without trying.