Please Remove Radar From Team Arena Playlist

I know you are trying to cater to noobs 343.
You are trying to introduce competitive play to new people with features similar to the social playlists… we get it.
I don’t have an issue with pistol start, I don’t even have an issue with AR as a secondary weapon.
But for the love of God…


I am so tired of objective camping in this game. Seeing a red dot on your radar and making your play based on crouching while wielding an assault weapon ruins the principles of competitive game play. Competitive game play and decision making should only rely on awareness, strategic map movement, and good communication. There is a reason that top players shine in competitive play. It’s because they put in the extra effort towards communication and do everything possible from a strategic perspective to control the movement of the other team. Radar closes the skill gap because players no longer need to rely on awareness or communication, no… they get a little red dot to base their play off of. It has no place in competitive Halo and needs to go.

Ghost, I know you’re trying… but c’mon bro.