PLEASE Remove Orion II and Pegasus

They both have severe FPS lag/artifacts, are very poorly designed and imbalanced. Also please demote whoever is in charge of maps to coffee runner, thx.

I second this, the maps run like garbage.

I will address the fact that Pegasus II has been reiterated, however Orion II is actually really difficult with frame lag. The mid of the map is actually the most prominent section that will force you to feel like you are dragging your reticule through a swamp…

I dislike Pegasus 2. I loathe Orion 2 though. The original was trashed for tons of reasons that the revamp has failed to address. It is a camp fest, it’s just not fun.

Pegasus 2 has weird lag issues, like just running from one end of the other makes you chug along until your xbox catches up, then it’s back to normal for a bit.

I finally understand why Orion was originally removed from matchmaking.

The maps are also a bit dark. It is hard too see sometimes.

As Forge creations go, they are incredible, but I am not a big fan of the maps themselves.

Yes I 100% agree that those two should be taken out of the rotations…The absolute worst maps in the game by far. The worst fps frame rate drops in the history of this game. I don’t know how the developers did not notice this before they put the maps in as its so noticeable all over both maps.

What really baffels me is the lack thereof actual Team Arena playlist maps/gamtypes… I am only played The Rig, Plaza, Coliseum and Truth Slayer… with one Truth CTF? I would still like to play the balance HCS maps…

Total garbage. Now its in Slayer ranked?? wtf. Seriously trash maps that should never be in Halo, I wish 343 had standards…

I hate both of these maps I really agree with everyone here remove both of them please 343

Personally Pegasus 2 isnt too bad I find quite easy to play and manoeuvre around the map, I havent experienced this lag on the map myself either.

Orion 2 I can perfectly understand as combat revolves around the outside of the map and trying to out snipe players and requires purely ranged combat. Safe to say Orion should definitely be removed from the rotation but Pegasus 2 I could be happy with staying in the rotation or aleast keep it in FFA as I understand spawn controlling it quite easy to do in team based games for that map.

At least Pegasus is fixed now. Can’t spawn kill people as easily and no framerate drops