Please REMOVE or make a new playlist for..

Noobs, aka Fudge aka JET Packers.

everything about Halo 4 kicks ace EXCEPT JET PACK, it doesn’t belong in HALO.

The loadouts,are so balanced everything imo is perfect maps are awesome, good cover, choke points, levels of terrain, but all of that is for nothing when you can make an awesome jump to land on a rail and dive to cover after killing ur enemy only to have some A hole Noob able to fly up over everything and Needle you from so high up you can’t see them or lob nades down as you try and recover shield.

There is no point in Maps or skill or map awareness if all the cover and gaps are obsolete.

PLEASE remove them from Multiplayer or make a playlist “I have no skill” for jetpackers.

they ruined halo reach along with armor lock, You guys fixed one…get rid of or fix the other.

maybe make them like thruster pack…only short lasting bursts that can get you 2x as high as a normal jump. I don’t KNow…ideas?

Jetpack is so under powered. I understand where you’re coming from but if someone flies up into the air, they have no cover so just spray 'em down.

I hated the jetpack in reach because you could go way too high. The new one is more like a slow jump pack. I use it on Haven and Abandon. You can’t do much with it besides make jumps easier. I love it now. So, they shouldn’t remove it. It works in this game.

Well, sounds like someone’s mad.

if you just engaged in a ground battle and are 0 shield you can’t spray them down, you can’t even pop out and locate them.

full shields you still can’t get headshots easily you can’t see the ground or any other enemies attacking or nading from below.

there’s no point for them. IMO of course.

let me state that I raep them no problem but to me it makes the game less fun, and takes away from the need to really learn maps and what jumps/ manuevers are possible. and when you make a sick jump to cover or escape in some clever way They can ruin it.

well I haven’t tried it lol

I REFUSE :stuck_out_tongue: but im still thinking it flies too long and too high.

Why not just have a Jumppacker’s gametype in Action Sack if it’s added in?! This level of sensless complaining is just redicoulous and out of control.

look buddy I have been playing HALO since xbox connect and gamespy, the three shot pistol, having to time a crouch as you land on a long fall to avoid death…Nade jumping into sneaky spots.

Shotguns on Prisoner!!

I can complain, with all the changes Halo 4 still feels like halo EXCEPT for Jet Packs. Like I said they removed Noob Lock cuz it was stupid and Imbalanced and NOT HALO. Same with the Jet Pack, it sounded like a cool idea in reach but learn from mistakes and Don’t bring it back. It’s not Halo PERIOD.

Games evolve but the beauty of the halo series is they have always been true to form, even with changes, evolutions, and additions it has always been the game that first got me into FPS’s.

Deal with it. If something doesn’t work, people need to voice their opinions…look what happens when they don’t…OBAMA.

Why exactly wouldn’t a sci-fi machine that boosts the jump height of person make sense? Halo takes place 500 years in the future. If not for the weight of the armor Spartans would probably be able to fly like birds. It’s not really meant to be a combat ability, but a mobility ability. People sometimes use it in combat to ninja you or something. People that use it in fire fights will be exposed from all directions, so a teammate could take them out if your in a bad position. When in doubt, get in a hallway with a low ceiling so they can’t use it.

Every armor ability has an advantage and a disadvantage. Jetpacking allows you to commence an aerial assault or gain high ground quickly, but it exposes you to EVERYBODY. They may have tagged you on their way up, but I bet your teammates tagged him before he hit the ground. If they deemed that a necessary sacrifice, so be it.

All jetpacks do is make people easy targets. I never understood how anyone thought they were overpowered. For me a jetpacker has never been anything more than an easy kill.

good logic if we are watching a movie.

but we are playing a game with limitations…So why can’t I start the game with a Binary rifle…or a sniper, im sure enough are manufactured :confused:

Not all maps have hallways, Rangnarok for example it’s 90% open area

it’s a playability issue, and according to your logic why can’t a futuristic robot powered suit have Jet pack and Invisibility and why not promethean vision too since it’s only a slight mod on the visor…

the answer because it changes the balance and playability of the game and doesn’t allow for each player to play according to their own style.

all the powers have balances…and the other thing is if you’re engaged with a fudge packer on the ground at close range and he jumps flies up you can’t move ur recticle up fast enough to stay on him unless ur on speed 10 which is not very efficient for most.

easy kill if you are fully shielded and see them off doing whatever. But when you are in cover like i stated before it negates the map…and that’s not the point.

maybe you didn’t grow up playing halo from the begining…but its NOT HALO that’s the main point. The amount of times I die by -Yoink!- is minimal, but it’s annoying and not the game i love.

Homophobia and whining. Great Thanksgiving!

Jetpack is fine.

compared to reach the jet pack is WAY weaker :slight_smile: instead of hovering the map like in reach its more of a super jump haha

You can tell how low the skill is in this thread when you see responses like they fly up in the air making themselves easy targets. If you play against those type of guys of course jet pack is easy. I have played against guys that know how to use it and they abuse it a lot. Do I hate it no would I like to see it go yeah.

^^ exactly

The dudes the just ZOOOOOM up in the air the moment they spawn are not what i’m talking about. TRY TEAMS of all jetpackers… you get in a little battle on the ground, everyone takes cover on both sides then it’s up in the air and you have no clue where it’s coming from…if you peek out you get cleaned up…if you stay in cover you have a nade lobbed straight down on you. A team of Fudge Packers can wreck some serious -Yoink!- if they know what they are doing.

Homophobic Bahahaha you should hear the things i talk about on xbl I’m definitely not homophobic…borderline gay maybe lol