Please remove colored outlines or do it optional to disable

Honestly, I really do not like the colored outlines! It ruins the game. We will spend a lot of time with collecting new armor and armor items. When you are coated in colors, you can not identify clearly, what kind of armor or stickers or what ever the other gamers are using. In my opinion, the gamertag above the head of the friendly team is totally enough. Also for enemies, it will be enough kind of a red gamertag or a red dot above the head to identify the enemy. If it is not planned to remove it, then PLEASE make it optional to disable it for those who wants to see the really cool designed armors and weapons.

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Agreed, but I’m ok with team player outlines to help notice where teamates are on the map, but I’d love to remove them from the enemy team.

That would be acceptable but also for the friendly team, I would wish a possibility to disable it at least. We see that you can change the colors right now. Why not an option for fully disabling it? Please 343 Team :slight_smile: