Please release compatibility patch ASAP and love you 343

So basically you know what I wanna tell by the title. I know the campaign’s gonna be great and everything and you know I seriously wanna play it. But there is a problem. I have GT 730, and minimum specs mentions I need GTX 1050 Ti. So, yeah… now you will be wondering, why I just don’t buy GTX 1050 Ti or higher instead of spamming here? But the issue is: minimum price of GTX 1050 Ti in my country is 450$. House expenses depend on me. I have to give money on buying campaign as well. Yeah I know it sounds ridiculous 450$ of a simple GTX 1050 Ti but that’s the truth. So I will request you to release a compatibility patch which can make the game compatible with GT 730 or even lower because many people are not able to play. You understand, right, that which Halo fan WOULDN’T WANT TO PLAY THE CAMPAIGN?? Well this was just a polite request. Nothing I can do if I am not listened to, so.