Please reduce the store cost!

what year is the two trucks Age matters… an older truck will be worth less than a brand new one just from the factory the same goes for games the older the game is the cheaper it will be so you cannot compare games that are not of near the same age, also is witcher free to play?

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Oh my god my dude… If I am going to communicate with shilling, I rather not. It comes down to something simple and you will understand it. Price and content. This game ha shigh price, lack of good content for your $.

Have a nice day… Not worth arguing about it… with this sheer determination to defend greed.

Then i have no idea why your wasting your energy talking to me…

The Witcher 3 is about 6 years old now, but the DLCs were $9.99 and $19.99 when they released.
A year after it released however, you could get the game for $49.99, and it would include both DLCs.

Also, Oblivion, despite being the game known for selling horse armor, had its Shivering Isles DLC priced at $19.99, and that DLC added a lot.
Like The Witcher 3, it also had a version that could be bought for $59.99 after a year, and it included Shivering Isles.

You can’t compare digital content.
It only goes down when it’s on sale or receives a discount.
Physical things go down because they can be sold and bought after being bought from the stores.

Halo Infinite’s items might not ever reduce in price over time.
It’s possible that the campaign will have a lower price, but not those.

Your point is too good… People are very irresponsible with their money and those who are interested but are responsible have to witness paint costing 20 bucks at least, what a shame.

Reach had two DLC’s. There was the Defiant map pack and the Noble map pack.

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I told you, the only way it decreases is through sales and discounts.

I think they said that they’ll be making changes to the storefront, among other things, after the holidays. A lot of people are off work around Christmas time, so there will most likely not be any major changes before January at least.

Just saying, even if the devs did read his reply, they don’t make the calls when it comes to 343 and the pricing with anything in this game, and they will never will be able to either. What this means is it doesn’t matter what feedback the devs are given because it all comes down to upper management and what they are willing to do or not in spite of the feedback.

Yeah, they don’t make the calls on monetization. They can only basically pass on feedback and try to convince upper management to embrace another monetization model.

The Coalition was in the same position though and they actually were able to make gnificant changes to the storefront of Gears 5 based on fan feedback, so I believe there will eventually be more user-friendly changes made for Halo infinite as well. We’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

I’m sure they will make adjustments, the problem I personally have is knowing later down the line just like the new Bungie has done a few times, and will continue to do is make a “mistake” later down the line overprice something and then come out with the fake apology in one form or another and they will repeat that prosses over the years.

This is how businesses are being very poorly handled these days when it comes to gaming.

How about, include some skins that are difficult to unlock, so you can impress people. Ain’t nobody impressed that you got ripped off for some stupid cat ears, or the exact same paintjob as thousands of other idiots…

They honestly need to cut the prices by at least 30-40%. I will NEVER buy anything off the store at these prices.

If you buy anything at all it’s just lame sauce. Youre supporting these trash game models. And you aint proving anything except that youre a sucker if you pay for cosmetics… These are being marketed towards young kids, it is young kids who cannot resist them. Be an adult.

With that campaign price tag already being $60, and how absolutely devoid of content the campaign is. Paying extra for this multiplayer, what is wrong with you people…

I also agree that the store prices are too high but there are people now that are still buying everything or buying items from the store each week. People have the right to spend their money on what they want to spend it on, etc. Unfortunately money talks, until people stop buying what’s in the store, etc. I don’t think 343 will significantly reduce the store prices. I hope 343 proves me wrong.

I would like to see some sort of seasonal pass system where you can spend $100 or 120 for the battlepass and also get all in store content. I think with a model like that, more people including myself would be inclined to pay for store content. I also think there should be a way to earn credits from completing challenges and matches. Maybe you get 10 credits per challenge, 15 per match, 20 per match win, etc.

Bungie doesn’t have the financial support of a larger publisher anymore though. And they seemingly took tricks from Activision’s playbook after the departure. They probably thought that fans are now used to the expensive dlc after dlc and they went for it. Being financially independent also (understandably to certain degree) forces Bungie to somehow make a big enough profit to support their game, so they had to do something to monetize it.

343 is not exactly in the same situation, even though Destiny 2 and Halo infinite’s mp are both F2P. In Destiny 2’s case, without purchasing the dlc you get to play about 5-10 % of the content lol. All meaningful content is behind a paywall and even in PvP, players who don’t own the dlc are at a severe disadvantage because the best weapons and exotic armor are dlc. That all is probably intended to pressure new players to buy the dlc. Bungie does that because they are independent and want to remain that way. 343 has Microsoft’s support so they don’t need to go that route (the games are drastically different too. Bungie needs to build the Destiny 2’s world and story larger with every dlc).
For those reasons, I don’t think Bungie is a very fitting comparison in this case. Microsoft could very well allow 343 to introduce a monetization and progression models similar to those of Gears 5.

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I hope that 343furries increase the store prices! Pls do this! We need higher prices more expensive stuff.

It will make me laugh even harder when I see people with cat ears they paid money for!!!

I’m going to disagree here. Reason being is that what Bungie has been doing started the day Eververse was introduced to Destiny one with the loot boxes. They knew exactly what they were doing setting the loot boxes up with Vegas odds. They hired specific people that knew how to manipulate the system. It’s just it wasn’t nearly as bad as it is now when it comes to using Eververse because they are on their own.

It’s not a matter of a need or wants, It’s a matter of upper management and what they will decide to do or not and none of us will ever have a say in anything they do. The thing is, not a lot of players look at what I’m about to say and I know 343 will end up abusing this. It’s the license agreement, subject to change that gives them the right to do whatever they want, how many times they want, and when they won’t.

Just one thing that not everyone knows. That license agreement also gives them the right to change that agreement as they see fit.

That will always be a thing in gaming.