Please reduce the store cost!

I want to enjoy the customisation, iv seen alot of the upcoming items getting added to the store and some honestly look great and are interesting.

I’m also happy to spend money on the game to support you but I cant justify spending so much on a bundle, especially a bundle I only like 1 item in.

Please massively reduce the prices or make every item purchasable singularly. I’m happy to spend money on the game and over a period of time but I can never support these prices.

I want to customize my person, I want to support you, I want to appreciate all the effort put into customisation but I cant do that till it’s more affordable. At the moment I see unaffordable items and if I see someone customised I see a paywall not a great looking spartan.

Also mix cores please, thanks


So to the 343 dev reading this, thank you for
reading this and I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas.

I believe reducing the store prices by 50% would
be beneficial to you and the consumer. Right
now the prices are too steep that for anyone
who is old enough to remember how much value
you could get with $20 in old videos games will
is outright insulted and refuses to purchase
anything drom the store. The system caters
to the younger generation that only knows the
systems from Fortnite or Apex Legends and has
no perspective on what a fair deal is.

By reducing the prices those that already
consent to the current prices will spend more in
addition to your older audience that has refused
to purchase will now be inclined to do so and I
believe your profit margins will be larger.

Don’t be the bad guys and alienate your fan
base. I remember how much you could get with
$10 in games like Halo Reach. I cant stand with
practices designed to be predatory to younger


That’s if the devs read it lol. I hope they do.

I dont remember reach having DLC though? Or was you just on about the cost of the base game that had all the customisation?

Damn did I love reach and its customisation though, felt like I was one of the first to hit max rank for that skill in the pilot helm. Shame I’ll never get the customisation like that again as I just cant afford it :frowning:


Do you guys noticed how many People wear cat ears? Do you really think they’ll change them?


That’s 1 item, and cat ears always sell well to kids, furries, girls etc. But that’s 1 item, the amount of other items been in the store that hardly anyone buys because of the price.

Sure they may sell some bundles at a high price, but halving the cost for example would probably make x2 or more people buy it and therefore a bigger profit to them.

Making money isnt always about selling something at stupid high prices, it’s about understanding the mass market and appealing to the masses.

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3 maps?

A fair deal is entirely subjective.

Personally I don’t think the prices are all that fair, nor do you, nor does OP. But there are people who do and they buy it. Regardless, I get to enjoy an entire multiplayer experience for free and not have to spend a single dime ever to keep going.

Truth be told back in the day I didn’t appreciate being locked out of playing playlists in Halo 3. To me paying $10 to access a game mode I was playing a week prior for free was not a fair deal, so I had to shell out money I barely had to continue playing a game I enjoyed.

I’d rather have a game where I can access the entire multiplayer suite for free than be locked out of it by a paywall. That’s a fair deal IMO


Yeah but the idea of the store is to make them money, seems a wasted effort if most players cant afford them.

I hardly ever see store brought items so they clearly arent common even if some do buy them, if they was cheaper more people would buy them like myself.

Hell I’d probably buy multiple items so I can mix it up every so often, but atm its spend £10-20 for like 1-2pieces I like in a bundle. I have no issues spending money and supporting but it has to be worth while, 100credits per armor piece? I’d drop £50 easy… imagine my collection of armor with cheap armor compared to the current prices.

They can have my money when things are worth it, atm nothing is near worth it.


TBH, no one should have to spend money for a lot of it. It should have been built in the game as it normally has been. Dropping the cost isn’t going to solve anything other than saying, it’s okay 343, keep everything behind that paywall because we don’t care about a quality type of game anymore.


While reducing the cost MAKE THE STORE FRONT BIGGER!! more items would help in reducing prices as you’d definitely have more people buying more… And i’m sure people would really enjoying having a larger selection of items. All pages should be like the HCS offers page.


At the least store credits should be earnable so we can use them to earn those items instead of buying them.

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through events. maybe … a game called Mech warrior Online does this through events giving you their version of credits, although usually in lower amounts than if you bought them like 3-4 times annually…

h ttps:// ← one of the annual events that has a Chance of giving you ‘credits’ (known as MC/ Mechwarrior Credits in that game) did i mention this game is also FTP?

I guess so. I kind of got the idea from Star Trek online since they let players earn dilithium that can be converted to Zen that let people earn items. I really hope 343i remember that people just want to earn content instead of having to deal with predatory systems. It’s moments like this that reminds me of how much better MCC progression system is compared to Infinite. I really hope 343i make major changes after they come back from their holidays. Never liked the idea of Halo going F2P.

yeah well Star trek online also has the lifetime sub which grants you i think 500 Zen per month or something…

I was just giving another example…

Yeah reach DID have dlc. Castle pack, noble pack and I forget what the name of the third one was.

I think they stopped the 500 zen a month thing a while back. Giving lifetime sub 1 off payment for weekly/monthly free credits would be nice but be nicer if people who supported the game by buying the campaign get weekly credits given to them while letting players earn them in-game via challenges. I guess maybe make the credits limited per week like how MCC works.

Only ways anyone is going to get prices to come down is either by outlining a major competitor that does cheaper prices under the same circumstances, or by major buying trends showing that while people will pay x price for y amount of content, they will not pay x price for z amount of content. The former is a hard argument to make because their main competitor, CoD, generated something in the neighborhood of 1.3 billion from mtx in Q3 of 2021, and their price structure is very similar.

The argument that a meaningful amount of people cannot afford mtx at these prices is just flat out inaccurate, and there are years of mtx revenue figures from other games to back that up. I don’t mean that in an elitist or demeaning fashion, that’s just simply the numbers. The whole reason mtx habe prevailed in the first place is because the same people that whine about an $80 game will happily make several low cost incremental purchases on a single game.

If enough people avoid buying into the more absurdly priced packs, then going into S2 we might see some tuning. The amount of cat ears and sword belts out there make me question that possibility though.

They stopped it for non-lifetime subbers.

Bruh. I remember buying a whole series of skins and character skins in Gears 3 for 20$. It was a lot of customization. Then earning stuff through gameplay, or buying limited edition items for 1.99$…

This monetization is WHACK. You can buy the witcher DLCs for less than store costs… and that gives you WAAAAAYYYYYYYYY more for your buck than this…

how old is that game though?

It shouldn’t matter how old a game is. Content and price is what matters. What I see here is blatant greed my dude.

Why would I buy from here? It’s like two car dealerships offering a truck. One is offering 17k for a truck with 1.9% APR… the other 17k for 14%APR which one is better?