PLEASE reduce the quit ban in MCC

Now i think you should be banned for quiting matches but if you’re someone like me with bad internet or if the game happens to crash (which isn’t rare) you shouldnt be punished so quickly by a 15min ban. It’s EXTREMELY annoying and it’s one of the main reasons that i don’t play this game much

Maybe change it to a 5min ban after 3 quits or something? because right now it’s WAY too aggressive


Honestly 10 minute quit ban should be the MAX penalty, just like it was in the original games.


I love how we get banned when the game crashes, over and over again. It’s insane.


i have no idea why i get ban after leaving just 1 game. it used to be 3 but something changed few months back. also it used to be a 5 min for the first ban

It is actually 5 min for the first ban.

Honestly 343 needs to turn off the quit ban until the get the crashing issues all ironed out. There shouldn’t be a quit ban if players get booted out of the game against their will due to a bug in the games programming, not only is that not fair, it makes players go to different games. Imo quit bans should ONLY apply to ranked matches and NOTHING else.

Strongly agree, I like your idea of 3 quits before getting a ban. I can’t remember how many it was back in the day but 2 or 3 sounds right. I know for sure you didn’t get a ban in 3 or Reach after 1 quit/internet issue

I get a 10 min for the first ban