Please reconsider including timestamps

I posted back in November requesting timestamps on Carnage Reports. The thread was locked with the reply, “Unfortunately we’re unable to expose match times due to privacy concerns.”

Since then, I’ve made the site for Destiny that I wanted to make for Halo 5: It grabs activity history from Bungie, grabs Xbox clips made by participants, and returns any clips that took place during an activity.

I would love to put together a similar site for Halo, but it’s not possible without knowing when matches took place.

I would also offer that removing timestamps in the name of privacy is an act of futility. If some jerk really wanted to abuse some else based on the times when they were playing Halo, data on when a player used a particular game or app is available through the Xbox API:

> “startTime”:“2016-01-22T00:54:40.5019578Z”,“endTime”:“2016-01-22T04:20:59.2497433Z”,“sessionDurationInMinutes”:“206”

I’ll grant you that the Xbox API is undocumented, but the data is accessible.

First of all, removing the timestamps for the sake of privacy isn’t futile because it removes a stalker’s ability to closely track someone’s activity despite being blocked. Stalking is a pretty significant problem in Xbox live and this is a safeguard — we were lucky to even have dates available.

And just because Bungie isn’t recognizing that doesn’t mean that 343 shouldn’t recognize it either.

I would love to see timestamps too, could we get it when given special permission by the user or at-least only for personal use for the account holder who is accessing the API?

I too require timestamps for my app plans to be at all workable.

I see that the Halo Wars 2 API has full timestamps. Can we get full Halo 5 timestamps, now?

I’d settle for needing to authenticate and only seeing timestamps for matches you participated in.

Hi everybody! Unfortunately, at this point, we have no plans to add timestamps to the Halo 5 APIs. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I guess I’ll make a version of Guardian Theater just for HW2, but I don’t think it’ll have quite the same draw… Please keep it in mind for Halo 6!