Please Reassess Control schemes

This beta has thrown everything i have trained my Halo muscle memory to be out the window. For years i have used the Green Thumbs control scheme. with slight variations to it, it got better and better but essentially forcing me to play this like CoD has broken Halo for me. Give us more control schemes to fit the way we have played Halo for the past 15 years not CoD. this is my opinion and i know it is an extremely early beta but still. it just feels like every other shooter on the market now with the control schemes you guys have put into the game. With all the variations available in MCC i was expecting more. other than this issue Halo 5 looks to be amazing

Left Analog: Movement/Sprint/Zoom
Right Analog: Aiming/Melee/Spartan Charge
LB: Thruster pack
LT: Throw Grenades
RT: Fire Weapon
RB: Smart Link(should be toggle)
Y: Switch Weapons
B: Crouch/Ground Pound
A: Jump/Clamber
X: Action/Reload
Digital Left/Right: Cycle Grenade

This is my preferred control scheme. i know it is possible 343i. please make it happen.
This is essentially the Green Thumbs control scheme from Halo 4. it was perfection don’t mess with perfection

I’d like Recon to be more like the Universal Recon in the MCC too. Running is now X instead of LB (Halo 4). The control schemes need to become universal for the Xbox platform from now on.